Roy Chubby Brown NEW DVD Exclusive Interview Tour 2015

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Roy Chubby Brown NEW DVD Exclusive Interview Tour 2015…..

Roy Chubby Brown is one of Belfield’s favourite people! Aside from Roy’s act, he’s an incredible musician, hugely impressive wordsmith and remarkable stand-up comedian.

His outrageous performances are considered unsuitable for mainstream television but his video’s and DVD’s sell in their millions.

When ‘Chubby’ comes to town make sure you do not miss out, buy a ticket, ‘but be warned’ if you are easily offended please stay at home and watch another night of ‘boring television’.

In November 2014 Chub’s releases his brand new DVD ‘Don’t Get Fit! Get Fat!’ will undoubtedly be a huge Christmas hit when Santa empties his sack all over your living room floor!

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Hear an exclusive interview with Royston Vasey and Alex Belfield from November 2014:

Brown is married to third wife Helen, with whom he has children. He has homes in Middlesbrough and Lincolnshire.

Brown was diagnosed with throat ca

His live concerts are legendary and every theatre and concert hall in the UK has put up the ‘Sold-out’ signs when he has appeared.

He has also taken his brand of humour around the world with huge success in Australia, the USA, the Middle East and Hong Kong.

ncer in 2002, and had a vocal cord removed.

In 2006 he released an autobiography, Common as Muck: The Autobiography of Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown.

He is co-owner of the racehorse “Rasaman”.

In December 2011, he self-published a collection of memoirs from his life and career with Fast-Print Publishing called It’s Funny Being Me.

On the 21st August 2014 he was fined £30 and given four points on his drivers licence by Northallerton Magistrates following a conviction for driving without due care and attention after he was filmed by a North Yorkshire Police camera with a copy of the Sun newspaper resting on his steering wheel as he drove along the A19 near Crathorne in May 2014. He was also ordered to pay costs of £40 and a victim surcharge of £20.

He is a supporter of Middlesbrough F.C.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio 26th November 2014.