Roy Orbison Ultimate Collection Son Alex Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Alex Orbison Life Story Interview….

The Big O is back in 2016 with ‘The Ultimate Tribute’ in honour of his remarkable voice and talent.

Roy Orbison was an American Star singer-songwriter and musician, known for his distinctive, impassioned voice, complex compositions and dark emotional ballads.

The combination led many critics to describe his music as operatic, giving him the sobriquet “the Caruso of Rock”. His top range was phenomenal as demonstrated perfectly in his biggest hit ‘Pretty Women’.

His son, Alex Orbison is a third generation musician who began his own path in music playing violin at the tender age of three. He later moved to drums, guitar and piano.

One what would have been his father Roy Orbison’s 75th birthday, Alex’s mom Barbara was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The disease would claim her life seven months later.

Alex’s mother had made him promise that if anything happened to her, he would ‘get down to Nashville and take care of business.’

Get the CD Below via Amazon! Out Oct 28th 2016.

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Alex Orbison via YouTube:

Roy’s Boys have also released a massive box set of their father’s MGM Years, and a reissue of In Dreams: Greatest Hits, a 25th Anniversary edition of The Last Concert.

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The Orbison brothers additionally have broad plans for their father’s far reaching music including a Hollywood biopic, the first ever estate authorized book, and much more!

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 23rd 10th 2016