Russell Watson 5* Review + Interview

Russell Watson Review & Interview 2017….

Russell ‘The Voice’ Watson is the UK’s BEST SELLING CLASSICAL ARTIST EVER!

Russ has sold millions of albums, performed csell-out tours globally and survived 2 brain tumours! He’s utterly remarkable!

He’s back on tour this autumn, but, this isn’t a advert – it’s completely SOLD OUT!

We visited the ‘Serenade’ tour tonight at Lincoln Drill Hall and this show is truly Watson’s most intimate, personal, glorious and best tour to date. This is a true celebration of his phenomenal voice.

Enjoy our 2017 interview and tour review below…

Hear about married life, touring and being The Voice Of God in ‘Heaven & Earth’ in 2018.


Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with Alex & Russell via YouTube:

Russ is THE “People’s Tenor”. He’s sung all of his life and made it from the clubs in the North West to the biggest and most prestigious venues IN THE WORLD.

He’s mastered his craft and now effortlessly mixes traditional opera with contemporary hits.

His 2017 ‘Serenade’ tour offers the most authentic Russell Watson we’ve ever seen. His divine voice shines with stunning piano from Richard John & harmonies from the Musical Village Choir.

The sincerity, clarity and pure God given talent is palpable.

From the breath taking Intermezzo to the ludicrously entertaining Funiculi Funicula – you also get Adele, Les Mis & Coldplay which are all showstoppers.

Watson’s Bring Him Home & Fix You were quite remarkable.

His ‘When we were young’ tribute to Manchester was hugely moving and powerful. Simply beautiful on every level.


What Serenade proves is that you don’t need a 100 piece orchestra when you have Watson’s talent. You simply need a devoted sell-out crowd, a bag of perfect tunes and infinite talent. BINGO!

The warmth from the audience was delicious. A joyous evening in the presence of perfection.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th August 2017. Review 17th September 2017.