Russell Watson Exclusive Life Story Interview – Comeback Tour 2010

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Russell Watson Exclusive Life Story Interview – Comeback Tour 2010….

This is another Exclusive interview with Russell Watson talking to Alex Belfield about his life and career.

This interview should be filed under ‘beating the odds’.

The boys have become great friends since this interview was recorded at BBC Manchester in 2004.

Enjoy an incredibly personal insight into Russell’s fight back from two brain tumours. It’s inspirational!

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Here’s Alex Belfield and Russell’s come back interview from 2010:

Russell Watson is one of the UK’s best ever Tenors having toured the world with this magnificent pitch perfect voice.

RW has performed for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty and most importantly his 1000’s of adoring fans.

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Interview Russell Watson Alex Belfield

Life has not been easy for Russell having suffered from two brain tumours. Against all odds he is now fully recovered and fighting fit…and back on the road.

Watson now loves his life with his new fiancé and two grown up daughters in Manchester.

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Recorded Nov 2010 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.