Russell Watson Interview 2014

Russell Watson shot to fame 15 years ago and quickly became adored by 1000’s and known as ‘The Voice’. Enjoy his life story interview for 2014.

Through marriage, divorce, children, life threatening illness, recovery, performing for Presidents, Royalty & Prime Ministers – he’s done it all and we’ve followed his story through the incredible highs and devastating lows.

He’s had 5 Platinum & 3 Gold albums amongst 10 releases since 2000.

In 2014 returns to the stage with his brand new tour celebrating his life in music & fight for survival featuring recent hit album from the creators of Les Miserables – ‘Only One Man’.

Here’s Alex Belfield’s Exclusive 2014 interview Part 1:

Alex Belfield first interviewed Russell in 2000 for the BBC. They immediately had a connection and have always had great fun on air ever since through Belfield’s many radio stations.

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Alex says “Russell is not only one of the most breathtakingly talented Stars I’ve ever met, he’s also one of the most kind, funny and inspiring people on earth”.

“You cannot fail to be impressed by his humility, tenacity and God given beautiful voice. To see Russ so happy, content and successful is a true joy!”

Alex went to see the show and meet his old friend at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham March 21st 2014….

Alex Belfield & Russell Watson 2014

Russell’s 2014 tour opens with the glorious ‘Nella Fantasia’. Talk about ‘shot out of a cannon’….this devilishly difficult tune was sung masterfully, perfectly and proved Watson is back on best form.

It is still staggering to think that Russell nearly died (twice) after two brain tumour in 2005 and 2007. Against all of the odds he announced he had fully recovered in 2008.

Russell’s voice in 2014 has more warmth, texture, power and a beautiful tone than EVER! The Voice is back better than ever! This show allows Russell to demonstrate his versatility, full register, pitch perfect precision & overall vocal genius.

There is no question Russell has more passion, heart and meaning behind his lyrics and performance than ever before. You fully believe every word he sings, especially in Les Mis classics like ‘Dreamed A Dreamed’.

Here’s Part 2 of Alex’s Exclusive 2014 interview:

Russell Watson Live features his biggest hits including ‘Nessun Dorma’, ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ & the fabulous ‘Barcelona’ plus tracks from his latest CD.

There are two wonderful orchestral sections featuring hits from Les Miserables in honour of Alain Boublil and Michel Schonberg who wrote his 2013 album ‘Only One Man’.

The second orchestral medley in Act 2 features hits of Star Wars leading to Russell’s title song from Star Trek: Enterprise. Russell was the first person ever to sing a theme tune for Star Trek.

The orchestra are excellent, the sound system is the best in the business and Russell is on top form. What more can you ask from a night at the theatre?

Be humbled, moved, surprised and totally impressed by Russell Watson Live 2014.

Bravo Russell, great job!

Russell will be appearing Live in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Blackpool, Manchester, London and more through the end of April 2014.

Review & Interview recorded 21/3/2014