Russell Watson Only One Man Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Russell Watson Only One Man Interview….

On November 11th 2013 Russell Watson releases his brand new album called ‘Only One Man’ written and produced by Les Miserables creators / genius’ Claude Michel Schonberg & Alain Boublil.

‘The Voice’ is back with a new sound in an album where he says “I’m baring my soul through the music”.

This is a passionate album of heart moving numbers written by the creators of ‘Bring Him Own’….which also features on this new CD.

Alex Belfield has known Russell for all of his professional career and spoken to him throughout the years. Alex describes this album as “Simply Stunning”.



Here you go – more to follow on November 15th….

Featuring heart-breaking songs like ‘Here Comes the Morning’ and ‘My Love and I’ and upbeat tunes including ‘I Miss You My Dear’ – this album offers something for everyone and allows Watson to shine with material written especially for his magnificent voice.

Hear a taster interview with Russell and Alex prior to their in-depth interview the week of the release. Check back here for more details.

Alex and Russell always have fun! Hear Russell’s insight into this moving new album, his plans for the future and why he’s a grumpy old man….and now can’t wear beige trousers anymore! (Don’t ask!)

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Recorded 23rd Oct 2015 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.