Sada Vidoo Life Story Interview

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Danish pop singer Sada Vidoo has recently been #1 in her home country with her brand new single “The Actress” which is out in the U.K on the 26th November.

Sada, often compared to SIA, has seen her image transformed from brunette ‘girl next door’ to a blonde Lady Gaga-esk human doll.

Mixing music with her big personality and unique fashions of haute couture pieces designed by the likes of Natacha Marro and Elie Saab.

In 2007 – Sada’s collaboration with dance act Infernal went platinum, topping the charts in Turkey, Poland and Scandinavia.

On her forthcoming album ‘A Story with No End’ – Sada worked with award winning songwriter and producer Russ Ballard, who wrote the KISS hit God Gave Rock’n’Roll to you and Hot Chocolate’s ‘So you win again’ – mixing Sada’s depth and soaring vocals, with catchy, iconic song writing.

Find out more at www.SadaVidoo.com

Sada Vidoo New Single and Album
Sada Vidoo New image interview
Sada Vidoo Interview New album single

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with the lady herself…

Sada Vidoo is a complex artist. Musically, she’s best described as a borderline schizophrenic soul where darkness always follows the light and the carefree and heavyhearted collide.

A state of mind that holds many similarities to her personal life.

Sada inherited her dark exotic features from a Palestinian father that left the Danish family early in the young girl’s life.

In school she was isolated and bullying became a permanent part of her life. It was during this vulnerable period that Sada really discovered music as a personal refuge. In her room, writing songs, recording them, Sada could be anybody. She could be the star.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 25th November 2014.

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