Sally Gunnell Interview 2017

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Sally Gunnell OBE is a British former track and field athlete who won the 1992 Olympic gold medal in the 400 m hurdles.

She is the only female British athlete to have won Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth titles, and (as of 2014) is the only female 400 m hurdler in history to have won the Olympic and World titles and broken the world record.

She also worked as a television presenter, predominantly for the BBC until January 2006.

She was made an MBE in 1993 and an OBE in 1998.

Sally is no stranger to high pressure – having spent years competing against the world’s top athletes – yet new research will show that ‘modern day pressures’ are affecting many of us each and every day.

A new report by GUSTO has identified a list of pressures faced by Britons today that didn’t exist just 20 years ago.

Over three-quarters (77%) of those polled say they try and juggle too many things at one time resulting in them feeling frustrated (49%), annoyed (35%) and guilty (29%) when
they don’t get everything done. We talk to Sally and Prof Geoff Beattie to find out more…

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The study by Gousto will reveal a list of ‘10 pressures that didn’t exist 20 years ago’ and lift the lid on just how overwhelmed people have become with the expectations of modern life.

Sally will be sitting alongside Geoff Beattie, Professor of Psychology at Edge Hill University, to explore the implications of living in a “do it all” generation.