Sean Wilson Interview 2017

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Sean Wilson Interview 2017…

Sean shot to fame as after joining Coronation Street as Martin Platt, ex-husband of Gail Platt and father of David Platt, in 1985.

Since leaving Coronation Street in 2005 he has appeared on several UK television dramas, the most recent being in January 2008.

Shows include Waterloo Road as Darren Briggs Snr, a student’s father who has a crush on teacher Davina Shackleton which gets out of hand.

Wilson is now a professional chef. He has cooked in several Michelin starred restaurants and is also a cheesemaker, with his own cheese company ‘Artisan Farm’.

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The Saddleworth Cheese Company is committed to making handmade artisan cheese using only PR3 postcoded milk from the heart of the Trough of Bowland to form various cheese including Lancashire crumbly (Muldoons Picnic), Lancashire Creamy (Hows yer father) , Lancashire Tasty (Mouth Almighty) and a specially formulated medium soft blue cheese (Smelly Ha’peth).

His book, ‘The Great Northern Cookbook’ was published in 2012.

The accompanying TV series is being shown on UK TV Channel 5 starting in January 2013.

Wilson is also a patron of a UK charity, Development of Children and Women Centre Nepal.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th August 2017.