SeaWorld Review Orlando Florida ~ Shamu Killer Whale

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s SeaWorld Review Orlando Florida:

You cannot visit Orlando, Florida without taking time to visit the world famous SeaWorld.

This attraction is home to Mega-Star Killer Whale Shamu –  who you can now meet ‘Up Close’.

SeaWorld is a family attraction that will inspire, educate and entertain every member of the family.

You can’t fail to be impressed by the incredible creatures on show including dogs, cats, whales, dolphins, flamingos, sea lions & even skunks who entertains 1000’s every single day.

SeaWorld is located off I-Drive, minutes from the Airport and most hotels in Orland. It’s the perfect day out……


Enjoy our Exclusive Audio/Visual Review via YouTube featuring everything below….

It is almost impossible to fit everything in during one visit, there’s so much to see and enjoy from nature to the thrill seeking rides.

There are rides for all ages and most of the attractions are interactive.

You can enjoy endless cafe’s and restaurant that are very reasonably priced – very rare for a theme park. I noticed one shop had ‘All you can eat all day for $30 (£17)’- you wouldn’t get that in the UK!

The Star attraction of SeaWorld has to be  Shamu – the killer whale. In fact there appear to be many Shamu’s at SeaWorld who dazzle audiences with their size, beauty and surprisingly massive personalities…

This world famous stage show is currently closed for refurbishment, however, SeaWorld’s new ‘Shamu Up-Close’ is, in my opinion, even better than the production show as you can almost touch this incredible family of killer whales.

There are 7 ‘Shamu’s’ at SeaWorld and they are the most talented, impressive & passionate performers in the park.

Seeing these killer whales ‘perform’ is incredibly moving.

They genuinely appear to be show-offs and seem to adore the attention of the crowd and love the challenges set by their trainers.

I found ‘Shamu Up-Close’ a memory I will cherish forever….

Do not miss ‘Shamu @ Seaworld’ – there’s a reason this attraction is world renowned!

Also, if you love Shamu, you’ll go mad for the Dolphins @ SeaWorld.

They’re too cute, friendly, fun, funny & spectacular!

You can enjoy the Dolphins both above and underneath the water – SeaWorld have thought of everything.

You can even feed the Dolphins at specific times throughout the day and they couldn’t be more excited to accept your donation….

Don’t miss the Flamingo’s @ SeaWorld – the campest bird in the park / world!

I thought you’d love the video of this bird who decided to tease Shamu during my visit….

One of the most unique rides and attractions is ‘Antarctica’ – the penguin exhibit.

It’s brilliantly presented, exciting and the first part has a ‘Wild’ and ‘Mild’ option for the interactive ride. The mild version is great for disabled or very young visitors.

A fun hour can be spent at the Pacific Point Reserve during feeding time for the California Sea Lions & Harbour Seals.

The creatures are not only enormous, powerful, phenomenally commutative but brilliantly funny and talented at catching fish!

A must see is the dog and cat show at the Seaport Theatre called ‘Pets Ahoy’.

It is staggering how much fun the dogs seem to have performing this hysterical 20 minute show.

Quite how they got the cats, pot-bellied pig, rat & array of dogs to perform such complicated tricks is truly beyond me….

Another fabulous MUST SEE show was the ‘Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island’ show @ Sea Lion & Otter Theatre…..

Again, how you train an otter & walrus to perform tricks boggles the mind!

The Sea Lions are of course the Stars of the show….

The Turtle Exhibit and 3D Theatre is worth the wait.

Again, you can see these glorious creature above and below ground level…..

The park is open from 9am – 6pm seven days a week.

Here’s my review of Disabled Access & information @ SeaWorld:

If you love animals – don’t miss SeaWorld Orlando.

Review by Alex Belfield – 9/1/2014 – For Celebrity Radio.