Shane Richie Dick Whittington Bristol Hippodrome

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s PREVIEW Shane Richie Dick Whittington Bristol Hippodrome…

Shane Richie is a 5* act and this year he’s coming to Bristol Hippodrome from Dec 7th ’19 – Jan 5th ’20!

Not only will Shane be starring in this legendary panto, but, he’ll also have the stunning London Palladium set from last years production in the West End.

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Here’s our 5* review from Robin Hood last year in Milton Keynes starring Shane…

REVIEW Robin Hood Milton Keynes Starring Shane Richie…

Robin Hood is not only a ‘rare’ panto production, but, it’s also a rare gem for 2018!

Starring Shane Richie alongside comedy veteran Peter Piper as Friar Tuck and West End star Gina Murray as The Spirit of Sherwood – this show has a magical combination of pure talent, spectacle, high energy and huge belly laughs!

I loved the originality of this production and the massive effort by Shane to make this script the most topical and current that I’ve seen anywhere this year – including the Palladium! How many others are doing Gatwick drone gags? Kudos where Qdos is deserved!

Robin Hood is a joy. Shane is the embodiment and epitome of X-Factor, Peter lives funny and Gina is vocally phenomenal and drives the story magnificently. What more can you ask for from panto? 5*!

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Watch our EXCLUSIVE footage of the walk down, bows and standing ovation via YouTube:

One of the most enjoyable parts of the show was the acrobatic troupe The Acromaniacs. A stunning spec act of tumblers who are not only brilliant physically…but hugely entertaining and funny.

Lets face it though, there’s few who can compete with Shane’s pure comic energy, talent, charisma, charm and ease on stage. He was born to sell out this type of show.

To have a current TV star of his standing in panto is, these days, unheard of. Richie is old-school and has mastered variety akin the few other genius’ like Pasquale, Conley & Walsh.

Robin Hood features all of the ingredients of a perfect pantomime; a fabulous cast and orchestra (all be it too loud), laugh out loud comedy bits, bundles of audience participation, super special effects,  and joyous boos and hisses that the entire family come for!

This feels modern, current and relevant – but still stays 100% true to the authenticity of pantomime. Many could learn from this!


Enjoy our HD audio / video review via YouTube:

Peter Piper as Tuck is effortless and works off Shane magnificently.

Magician Phil Hitchcock as Merlin adds a beautiful majesty to the show and provides one of my favourite moments EVER in my 20 years of reviewing panto was the gorgeous dove scene. Gina’s sensational, flawless and powerful vocals raising the roof was the perfect visual and audio duet. Just beautiful.

Pete Gallagher plays the grouchy Sheriff of Nottingham perfectly – the exact balance of silliness, creepiness and control to terrorise the villagers to our delight. A terrific voice.

I could do without Qdos’ superfluous life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex crowbarred in to the terror of the under 10’s. Pointless…as is the 3D. With a stellar cast of pros – and a star the calibre of Richie – these gimmicks/stunts are a waste of time. Stick them as filler elsewhere would be my advice. A small but relevant criticism.

I just loved Robin Hood. Inventive, charming, exciting, fun for all of the family and a star that drives like so few can. It was my honour to see it.

Preview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 11th March 2019