Sharon D Clarke Life Story Interview

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Ghost the Musical at the Piccadilly Theatre is an unexpected gem of 2011!

It’s not your usual pack ’em in remake full of crap tunes and C list celebs, this is a touching story well told and beautifully sung. The lighting, staging, special effects, score, book & cast are truly inspired!

I have to be honest, I’ve haven’t seen Ghost (the movie) for years and I can’t remember anything other than ‘Unchained melody’ droning on throughout, thankfully this classic tune is only used sparingly in exactly the right places in this moving musical adaptation.

The producers have made absolutely the right move in making this feel current, a modern 2011 love story of deception and tragedy.

Most importantly this show has an extraordinary cast.

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Here’s Belfield’s Exclusive interview with Sharon….

As for my m8 Sharon D Clarke, what can I say? She toally steals the show, shines in this role and the audience just love her!

Sharon is a powerhouse of a performer who always delivers and looks like she’s having the time of her life.

Her huge personality, gorgeous charisma and world class voice is truly inspirational and perfectly placed in this show.

She’s hysterical and brings much needed comic relief to this tragic story! Without her this show would be more depressing than the world economy! I just love seeing her, you feel honoured to watch her perform!

She’d better go to Broadway or they’ll have me to answer to!

Andrew Langtree also gave a tremendous performance.

The ladies in front of me were also incredibly appreciative of his onstage shirt change which seemed to take far too long in my opinion. I don’t need to feel inadequate watching a musical on a rainy Thursday afternoon thanks Andrew!

This show balances a revolutionary and breathtaking set with a great story and fab tunes. The illusions are mind boggling at times and take the show to another level.

The sound guys should be commended as well, perfectly mixed throughout which is not the case with every show in the West End! You genuinely see and hear every penny of your ticket being spent on this feel good show.

I know it’s got almost as many deaths as Les Mis but you do leave feeling uplifted, moved and inspired.

So, finally I’ve found a new musical in 2011 that I’d pay to see again.

This is a rare treat in the West End that offers you Broadway standard staging, production and talent leaving you wondering when it will win its first major award!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2011.