Shaun Williamson Interview 2017

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Shaun Williamson Interview 2017…

Shaun Williamson (aka ‘Barry from Eastenders’) and Sheree Murphy (Tricia Dingle in Emmerdale) talk to us exclusively about why the Queen Vic, Woolpack and the Rovers Return could be struggling to survive if they were real-life community pubs.

Experts warn these iconic fictional venues would no longer cut the mustard as viable businesses as they fall woefully short of what the public now demands from a great British ‘boozer’.

Shaun is an English actor, singer, media personality, and occasional presenter, best known for his role as Barry Evans in EastEnders and as a satirical version of himself in the BBC/HBO sitcom Extras.

Most recently Shaun Starred on C5’s Celebrity Big Brother in 2017.


Enjoy an exclusive interview with Shaun & Sheree via YouTube:

Around 20 pubs a week close down in the UK, yet many ailing boozers are now being taken over, refurbed and brought up-to-date with technology to meet customers’ high demands.

The research, by Authentic Alehouses and P2P lender Crowdstacker, reveals our biggest pub ‘bug-bears’ including unfriendly staff; lack of atmosphere; and there not being enough healthy food choices on the menu.

Sheree and Barry will also be revealing the most loved ‘pub cities’ in the UK.

Industry expert James Bolshier and Karteek Patel from Crowdstacker will also be available to add depth to the piece.

Interview recorded 14th September 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio