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Shorty’s in Doral, Miami is a relaxed, unpretentious BBQ joint with a fab bar and amazing BBQ food.

Located just 15 minutes from Miami Airport, this is a legendary family restaurant with true character, authentic food & lovely atmosphere and service.

Serving classic BBQ food from chicken, ribs, steaks and burgers – the portions are ludicrous by British standard but usual in the USA.

The beef was tender, the chicken was perfectly cooked and the ribs are 5*….

Shorty’s prices are wonderfully reasonable and the service and atmosphere are excellent.

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Review shorty's BBQ Miaim
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The portions at Shorty’s are palatial! The seats are booth style.

The chicken tenders are the best I’ve ever tasted.

The Okra was enough to feed a family of 12….

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Review Shorty's BBQ

All meals are served with fries but I opted for a salad instead.

The ribs are truly divine. Meaty, moist, plentiful and quite clearly the signature dish of Shorty’s explaining it’s huge reputation and longevity in Miami.

The ‘chicken plate’ comes with two breasts. Beautifully cooked and served with deliciously sweet coleslaw.

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A lovely experience! I’ll be back. Utterly authentic.

Review by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio 19th Jan 2015

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