Review Shrek The Musical 2015 Dean Chisnall

Review Shrek The Musical 2015 Dean Chisnall….

Shrek The Musical is back on tour! It’s the latest in a rare line of mega-productions offering provincial audiences West End standard spectaculars.

This huge set, staging & production owes much to the 2011 hit Theatre Royal Drury Lane production. It’s 2 hours of pure fun and escapism.

With high energy, hysterical gags, beautiful costumes & illusions & feel good charm – this is the perfect night out for the entire family!


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Enjoy an Exclusive REVIEW & interview with Dean Chisnall from 2015:

Directed by Nigel Harman, Shrek is a joyous romp of frivolity referencing the most famous fairy tale characters.

Thankfully though it is not Saccharin, cheesy or sickeningly gushy like so many of the American musicals of this ilk.

The tunes are enjoyable and allow all of the principle cast to shine throughout the show. The second act crescendo’s with ‘I’m A Believer’ for the barn storming finale. The energy is infectious and the cast received a standing ovation….naturally!

It’s packed with sarcasm, double-entendre and the odd gag (hopefully) just for the Dad’s.

Shrek the Musical, like the multi-award winning DreamWorks movies, is upbeat, refreshing, hysterical and offers much needed light relief to an increasingly depressing world!

To sum up, this show is a bright, loud, fast-paced, bawdy, tightly scripted farce, with clever illusions and fun for all the family….


I first saw Shrek on Broadway and couldn’t believe what the lead character has to go through (especially on a two show day) to get into character.

With a rumoured 2-3 hours in front of the mirror, this is certainly not Mamma Mia!

The costumes are breathtaking and Mr. Shrek (Dean Chisnall for the UK tour 2015/2016) can only be praised for putting up with ‘that face’ 8 times a week! A task I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Such a pro!

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Thanks to Tim Hatley’s remarkable set (far beyond anything I’d seen on tour prior to Wicked) – the dragon and costume design will leave even the most synical of theatre goers hearts lifted and thrilled.

If you like the DreamWorks Shrek movies, you’ll love the stage production. In 3D it has charm, vulgarity, sentiment, hysterics and feel good factor of Disney proportions.

Bravo Shrek! What an amazing year for touring theatre in the UK.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio updated April 2015.