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Will Martin is the incredibly talented New Zealand Tenor.

In 2007, Martin obtained a five-album deal with Universal Music worth $3 million.

Martin’s first album, released in his native New Zealand, went platinum in 6 weeks.

The album, called A New World, featured songs such as “Into the West”, “If” and “Going Home”.

On 23 October he performed the France national anthem “La Marseillaise” at Eden Park in Auckland before the final of the 2011 Rugby World Cup

His new album was in the charts around the world and he talks to Belfield about his life and career.

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Enjoy Will and Alex’s second interview in 2009…..

At only twenty-six, Will Martin has already packed in a lifetime of paying dues. Dedicated study of musical styles and vocal training of the highest calibre, together with an active ‘performance apprenticeship’ honed on worldwide stages, has turned this born and bred New Zealander into the complete entertainer.

Here’s Alex & Will….

Will Martin Singer Alex Belfield Interview

Since making the decision at the age of 18 to follow his musical dream, Will has gone from strength to strength: from entertaining on cruise ships and rocking the ‘Hard Rock Cafe’, to leading countries in their respective national anthems at some of the world’s most prestigious sporting venues … and all before securing a record contract with Universal Music.

His debut album – “A New World” – is an epic collection of classical crossover songs, which simultaneously reflect Will’s origins and the scope of his unfaltering ambition.

The album achieved double platinum status in his native New Zealand, and upon release in the UK it debuted at Number 1, making him the youngest tenor in musical history to top the classical charts

Recorded 2009 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio & the BBC.