Soul Sister UK Tour REVIEW

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I was thrilled to see Soul Sister UK Tour at Nottingham Theatre Royal last week. This Tina Turner biopic musical is currently on tour across the UK including theatres in Bristol, Brighton, Blackpool and Liverpool.

This show is simply sensational. The level of talent within the show is staggering. Perfectly powerful and impressive vocals, a tight script and a fabulously enthusiastic cast.

Jenny Fitzpatrick is divine as Tina Turner. Her powerhouse performance simply steals the show – and so it should. She knocks out the park all of Tina’s mega-hits including ‘What’s love got to do with it’, ‘Proud Mary’, ’Private Dancer’, ‘River Deep Mountain High’ and of course ‘Simply the Best’.

Chris Tummings also offers confident, controlled and impressive performance as Ike Turner. He masterfully delivers the moving story of love, passion, control and their international rise to fame and personal failure. Their turbulent relationship is captured beautifully in this (rare) moving ‘jukebox’ musical.

Here’s the audio review:

The only problem this show has is its name. Judging by conversations I overheard in the foyer, the title ‘Soul Sister’ did not give the hard of thinking (like myself) any clues as to what the subject of the show was about. Great shame, I’m sure Tina Turner is a massive theatre draw and could have done sell-out business. I’m sure there are 10,000 legal reasons why it couldn’t be called ‘Simply The Best’ or ‘Tina & Ike’, but I can’t help but think this would have helped get bums on seats.

The reason for visiting this musical above many others is purely the talent and the music. The band are remarkable, the cast are superb and the feel good factor throughout this show is through the roof!

Review 2/72013 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio/