Spamalot The Musical Review ~ West End

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Spamalot The Musical Review ~ West End…..

‘Spamalot The Musical’ in the West End is simply the funniest show in London this Summer – by a mile! It’s quick, sharp, brilliantly written, has a fabulous score, a top cast, and best of all – you can get to the pub by 10.15!

For 5 weeks only Joe Pasquale Stars alongside the gorgeous Bonnie Langford in this celebration of Monty Python shenanigans.

I first saw this spectacular show when it opened on Broadway, I later saw it in Las Vegas. It has to be said that this production is on a much smaller scale.

This show is silly – very silly. From flying cows, mincing Knights to menacing rabbits and irate French soldiers – it’s got it all.

Spamalot The Musical -tour 2015 Joe Pasquale & Alex Belfield Spamalot 2013 - Bonnie Langford and Joe Pasquale in Spamalot 2013

Here’s Joe Pasquale’s Exclusive interview who plays King Arthur recorded at the Playhouse Theatre, in London’s West End……

It does not rely on a glamorous flashy set (it barely has one at all) or clever lighting – however, what it does have is incredible tunes, a remarkably crafted & hilarious script and performances by brilliantly talented comic actors who bring the ‘nonsense’ of Monty Python to life.

Joe’s performance is extraordinary. Pasquale continually re-invents himself and has been at the top of his game for over 20 years. From being crowned ‘King Of The Jungle’ on ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’ to ‘King Arthur’ in Spamalot, he can do it all.

This role may well be his perfect fit as he makes the most of his love for the audience, comic delivery, on-stage personality and deliciously mellifluous chops whilst attempting to sing numbers including ‘I’m All Alone’.

Adlibing with the audience is an obvious forte and went down an absolute storm.

Best known for his hysterical stand-up, Joe brings a rare warmth, timing and comic excellence to this role.

Here’s the brilliant Bonnie Langford as ‘The Lady Of The Lake’ in Spamalot until November 2013….

Bonnie is a legend. That’s all.

Ms. Langford steals the show with a diva-like strops, stunning vocals and huge, great big, whopping hits. No question the ‘Lady Of The Lake’ is the leveller in the show to prove how it should be done.

Singing the piss-taking ‘Find The Grail’ and ‘Whatever Happened To My Part’ would simply not work if they were not performed which such beauty & power that Bonnie delivers.

Her role really is to drive the musical element of the show, she does it perfectly. Her timing is second to none and voice as strong as ever.

A power-house performance that proves why she’s worked continually for not only her career, but her entire life!

28/6/2013 – Reviewed by Alex Belfield @