Spencer Horsman Life Story Interview Escapologist AGT Supernaturalists

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Spencer Horsman Life Story Interview Escapologist AGT Supernaturalists….

Spencer Horsman shot to fame on America’s Got Talent and is now Starring in The Supernaturalists at Foxwoods Resorts.

This world class escapologist hit the headlines when he nearly drowned during a rehearsal in June 2015. See the NBC Today clip here!

A child prodigy at 15, Spencer has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Jerry Springer Show, Talk Soup, The Statler Brothers Show as well as performing with David Copperfield & Lance Burton in Las Vegas.

Now at 27, Spencer continues to entertain audiences all over the world with his extremely witty and engaging stage show including a tour of Japan.

Spencer truly was born to do this and is clearly at the top of his game.

Spencer Horsman Downs Video Interview Spencer Horsman Life Story Interview Escapologist Spencer Horsman Interview Supernaturalists

Enjoy an exclusive life story interview with Spencer during his run in The Supernaturalists:

Here’s Alex & Spencer at Foxwoods in 2015:

Spencer Horsman Alex Belfield Interview Drowning Video

Spencer Horsman was born in the entertainment business. Both of his parents, Ken & Mary Horsman, were both former Ringling Bros.

Barnum & Bailey Circus clowns as well as Ronald McDonald for 20 years. Spencer was introduced to magic when he was 4 years old when his father opened his magic shop.

While performing with dad, Spencer started learning ventriloquism at age 8 and at that point started traveling & performing nationwide.

Click here to see Spencers near death experience reported on The Today Show @ NBC!

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio July 4th 2015.