Steve Ellis Love Affair Interview 2019

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Steve Ellis Love Affair Interview 2019…

Steve Ellis is an English rock/pop singer, who now lives in Brighton.

His biggest success was with the band Love Affair, best known for the songs “Everlasting Love”, “A Day Without Love”, “Rainbow Valley” and “Bringing On Back the Good Times”.

Ellis later felt that Love Affair had run its course, and he left in December 1969 for a solo career: “We never really made it big anywhere but Britain and I think that if we had started to happen in America, I wouldn’t have left”.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Steve via YouTube:

In the early 70s he formed the band “Ellis”, a short lived partnership with keyboardist Zoot Money. Other members included ex-Peter Bardens guitarist Andy Gee; ex-Fat Mattress bassist Jimmy Leverton, later replaced by Nick South; and drummer Dave Lutton.

The group released two albums, Riding on the Crest of a Slump in 1972, and Why Not? the following year. In 1976 one of the most popular Serbian and ex-Yugoslav bands, Smak, covered his song “El Doomo” under the title “El dumo”, and achieved great success with it.

Ellis subsequently had limited chart success with the rock band Widowmaker, releasing the album Widowmaker in 1976.

He also sang on the soundtrack of Loot, a 1970 film based on Joe Orton’s play, directed by Silvio Narizzano.

Ellis was performing briefly with New Amen Corner during 2013 and had an album with Paul Weller and Roger Daltrey out on Decon Records in late 2015, entitled The Best of Days.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 8th August 2019