Steve Harvey Net Worth

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Steve Harvey Net Worth

Steve Harvey is an American Television host and Film producer who stands as a towering figure in the landscape of American entertainment, renowned for his multifaceted career as a television host, comedian, and entertainer. Born Broderick Stephen Harvey, he has carved out a niche for himself in the hearts of millions through his unique blend of humour, charisma, and an innate ability to connect with his audience. Harvey’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a household name is a testament to his relentless work ethic and versatile talent. In this article, we explore Steve Harvey’s net worth.

What is the net worth of Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey is not just celebrated for his comedic prowess or engaging presence on television. He has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Steve Harvey Net Worth 2023$300 million
Steve Harvey Net Worth 2022$240 million
Steve Harvey Net Worth 2021$110 million
Steve Harvey Net Worth 2020$41 million

Steve Harvey Biography

Steve Harvey’s journey to stardom began in Welch, West Virginia, where he was born on January 17, 1957. His early years were marked by a modest upbringing in a blue-collar family, with his roots deeply entrenched in the heartland of America. The family later moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where Harvey attended Glenville High School, graduating in 1974. These formative years played a crucial role in shaping his perspective and comedic voice, which later resonated with audiences nationwide.

Harvey’s path to fame was not straightforward; it was paved with various jobs ranging from being a boxer to an autoworker and from an insurance salesman to a carpet cleaner. Though seemingly disconnected from his eventual career in entertainment, each of these roles contributed to his work ethic and understanding of the diverse walks of life that he often humorously portrays in his acts.

Steve Harvey Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 17 January 1957  
Age66 years old
Spouse Marcia Harvey
ProfessionTV Host, Actor, Comedian
KidsLori Harvey, Wynton Harvey, Broderick Harvey Jr., Morgan Harvey, Jason Harvey, Brandi Harvey, Karli Harvey
SiblingsMona Harvey, Terry Harvey, Pauline Harvey
BirthplaceWelch, West Virginia, United States

Steve Harvey Major Sources of Income

Television Shows: A significant portion of Harvey’s income stems from his television career. He is perhaps best known for hosting the popular game show “Family Feud,” a role he took over in 2010. His dynamic and humorous hosting style revitalised the show, contributing to its high ratings and, in turn, to Harvey’s substantial earnings.

Additionally, Harvey hosts “Celebrity Family Feud,” which further adds to his income from television. His work in television extends beyond these game shows; he also hosted his eponymous talk show, “The Steve Harvey Show,” from 2012 to 2017, which was another source of revenue.

Radio: “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” a syndicated radio show, is another major contributor to Harvey’s income. Since its inception in 2000, the show has become one of the top-rated morning shows in the country, broadcast in over 100 markets and reaching millions of listeners daily. The success of this show has not only bolstered Harvey’s popularity but also significantly increased his earnings.

Stand-Up Comedy: Harvey’s roots in stand-up comedy have also been a substantial income source. His comedy tours, especially the ‘Kings of Comedy’ tour, which he headlined alongside Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, and Bernie Mac, were incredibly successful. The tour grossed over $37 million, making it one of the highest-earning comedy tours ever.

Film and Television Production: Harvey has also ventured into production, which adds to his income streams. He has served as a producer on various projects, including his television shows and movies. This role amplifies his influence in the entertainment industry and contributes significantly to his earnings.

Books and Writing: Harvey is a best-selling author, with his book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” being a notable success. The book was later adapted into a film, “Think Like a Man,” which increased its impact and revenue. His other books, such as “Straight Talk, No Chaser” and “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success,” have also contributed to his wealth.

Steve Harvey Business Ventures 

Book Publishing: Harvey’s foray into the literary world has notably succeeded. His best-selling book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” published in 2009, was a commercial triumph and was later adapted into a successful film franchise, “Think Like a Man.” His other books, including “Straight Talk, No Chaser” and “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success,” have also contributed to his financial portfolio, both through book sales and related ventures.

Production Company: In the realm of television and film production, Harvey established his own production company, East One Twelve. This venture not only allows him creative control over his projects but also ensures a steady income stream from various production deals. The company’s involvement in producing content for television and digital platforms diversifies Harvey’s income and solidifies his status as a significant player in the entertainment production industry.

Digital Ventures: Recognizing the potential of the digital space, Harvey has ventured into online platforms as well. He launched a dating site, Delightful, in collaboration with IAC, a leading media and Internet company. This venture taps into the lucrative online dating market, adding a unique dimension to his business portfolio.

Steve Harvey Real Estate and Assets

Luxury Homes and Properties: Harvey owns several high-value properties across the United States. One of his notable real estate assets is a lavish mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. This property, sprawling over multiple acres, is a testament to his success and lifestyle. In addition to his Atlanta residence, Harvey has invested in real estate in other key locations, including a plush property in Los Angeles, California. These homes are residential spaces and symbols of his achievements, often featuring luxurious amenities and bespoke designs.

Chicago Property: A significant addition to his real estate portfolio was his acquisition of a property in Chicago. This investment coincided with his tenure as the host of his Chicago-based talk show, “The Steve Harvey Show.” The property served as a residence and a strategic asset, given its location in one of the country’s major cities.

Investment in Texas: Expanding his real estate footprint, Harvey also owns property in Texas. This investment diversifies his real estate holdings and reflects his strategic approach to property investment, choosing locations that offer both personal value and potential for appreciation.

Luxury Cars and Collectibles: Besides real estate, Harvey’s asset portfolio includes luxury cars and collectables. His taste for fine automobiles is well-known, with his collection featuring several high-end models. These vehicles are more than just modes of transportation; they are part of his luxury lifestyle and serve as valuable assets.


What is Steve Harvey’s current net worth?

Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be $300 million dollars. 

How did Steve Harvey build his wealth?

Steve Harvey built his wealth through a combination of his television and radio careers, stand-up comedy, book sales, and business ventures. His roles as the host of popular shows like “Family Feud” and “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” along with his successful comedy tours and best-selling books, have been significant contributors to his financial success.

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