Tara Palmer Tomkinson Exclusive Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Tara Palmer Tomkinson Exclusive Life Story Interview….

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson also known as T P-T is an English socialite, “it girl”, television presenter, columnist, model and charity patron.

Her activities have been well-covered by the British tabloid press, and in the mid to late 1990s, she wrote a weekly column for the Sunday Times and subsequently contributed to The Spectator, The Mail on Sunday, GQ, Eve, Harpers and Queen, Tatler, Instyle and The Observer sporadically.

This is a very real, raw and open interview with one of the most famous & infamous ladies in showbiz.

In December 2014 Ms TPT was cautioned over removing her hair extensions and arrested over First Class lounge access at Heathrow!

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Tara has now written her first book and reveals all to Belfield about her life and career in an Exclusive in-depth interview:

In September 2007 her book The Naughty Girl’s Guide to Life, co-authored with Sharon Marshall, was published by Sphere. It was serialised in The Sunday Times Style magazine and reviewed widely.

In October 2010 her first novel, Inheritance, was published by Pan Books.

In November 2013 Tara became Patron of Scottish charity Speur Ghlan, which delivers early intervention for young children diagnosed with autism or developmental delays.

The appointment garnered media attention for having been facilitated through social media.

She announced her acceptance of the role with the statement “It is a huge honour to have been chosen as patron of the Speur-Ghlan charity; I have been following with admiration the tireless work it does to bring help to children who have an autism diagnosis or developmental delay, and very importantly, the families and friends who surround them.”

The following year Palmer-Tomkinson herself was diagnosed with “high degree of autism. According to Palmer-Tomkinson the diagnosis “was a shock but could explain why I’ve always lived my life at such a frantic level

Recorded by Alex Belfield 2011 for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.