The D Downtown Las Vegas Review Rooms, Food & Entertainment

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The D is the newest and most exciting property to hit Downtown Las Vegas in many years.

With huge rooms, a high energy casino, top restaurants and one of the longest bars in the world – The D has brought New and Old Vegas together perfectly.

There are  638-rooms at The D over 34 floors.

The ‘D’ can stand for several things – ‘Downtown’, ‘Detroit’ or ‘Derek’ – the last two pertaining to Derek Stevens, the owner,  who was born and raised in The D, (Detroit).

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The rooms and suites are as cool, modern and as well designed as any of the hotels in ‘new Vegas’ up the Boulevard.

There’s nothing old about The D in Downtown Vegas. In fact, some would rightly argue there’s more history, energy and fun around Freemont Street than anywhere else in Sin City.

What is obvious about Downtown is that you get far more bang for your buck….with the arguably more personal and warm service and hospitality as these properties are (relatively) more boutique than the likes of Venetian – the worlds biggest hotel!

The D offers Live entertainment throughout the day, several restaurant, a pool and one of the busiest casino floors I’ve seen this year.

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I stayed in a suite on the 29th floor. These rooms are designed for entertaining and having fun!

There’s a bar with 2 fridges for drinks and a whole area for your guests to relax….

The D Review Downtown Las Vegas

In the living room area there are THREE TV screens for sports. Seriously? Even I don’t need 3 screens lol.

Welcome to Vegas.

With an isolated bathroom / toilet area, these rooms really are impressive and far bigger than you would get for the same price anywhere up-town.

To be clear, the newer parts of Vegas, home to MGM, Mirage, Wynn and Cosmo is literally only 15 minutes away up the freeway. There are regular shuttles and bus services making access no problem whatsoever.

The D also have the best showers in Las Vegas – Awesome!

The art in the room is cool  and the atmosphere is decadent……

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What I love about The D is I can park my car and be in my room in seconds. In the huge mega hotels up-town it can literally take 20 minutes which becomes tiresome, especially during a long stay.

With the Freemont Street experience next door, you will never be bored at The D.

The views from the rooms @ The D are amazing…..

Review The D Review Downtown Las Vegas

The D naturally has a fine dining Steakhouse and they brilliantly chose  the most famous, loved and popular Italian Steakhouse in Detroit.

Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Restaurant is the epitome of the perfect Italian eatery.

This restaurant offers incredible traditional and rustic fayre. Be warned, the portions are HUGE  (like Mama used to do) and have the most brilliant flavours. Do share and take advantage of their incredible menu.

The service was the best I’ve experienced in Las Vegas.

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The only slight disappoint with The D is the pool. They cannot compete with the big hotels due to the room available. You may struggle for space on a busy day.

On the positive side, parking is plentiful (once you ascend the car park past valet) and The D has the most reliable and speedy internet I have experience during my entire 3 weeks in Las Vegas.

The rooms do not offer coffee, bottle openeners etc.

There’s a diner at The D which certainly impresses:

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The D Grill has breakfast, lunch and dinner served virtually all day from 7am.

The room is very nice, far exceeding your expectation of a the average grill or diner.

There’s the classic D Grill Breakfast, amazing sandwiches and the ribs were amazing and great value for money….

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The D offer top entertainment throughout the day. At 4pm there’s Laughternoon with Adam London.

Adam is high energy and gives his all during his 60 minute set. The more the audience interact, the funnier he becomes.

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Adam and Alex Belfield recorded at The D Downtown Las Vegas…..

Don’t miss a stay at The D. The value for money is off the scale and the hotel is very relaxed, cool but offers indulgence and decadence. Bravo D!

Here’s Alex Belfield & Derek Steven’s….

Derek Stevens Alex Belfield Interview The D

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio recorded 22nd May 2014