The Michael Parkinson Show – Parky Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s The Michael Parkinson Show – Parky Life Story Interview…..

Michael Parkinson is one of the most loved and respected BBC presenters of all time. In July 2013 Parky announced he was fighting cancer.

In a rare, in-depth and exclusive interview with Sir Michael Parkinson, he talks about his remarkable life, career, childhood and mega-stardom interviewing the biggest Stars on the planet.

Enjoy a rare & exclusive 2 part interview.

There’s no question he’s the greatest interviewer of them all. Now it is time to hear his life story….

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Part 1:

Part 2:

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Parkinson, or “Parky” as he is known, was born in the village of Cudworth, South Riding of Yorkshire, England. The son of a miner, he was educated at Barnsley Grammar School and passed two O-Levels: in Art and English Language.

He was a club cricketer, and both he and his opening partner at Barnsley Cricket Club, Dickie Bird, had trials for Yorkshire together with Geoffrey Boycott.

He once kept Boycott out of the Barnsley Cricket team by scoring a century and 50 in two successive matches.

Parkinson began as a journalist on local newspapers, and his Yorkshire background and accent remain part of his appeal. He worked as a features writer for the Manchester Guardian, working alongside Michael Frayn, and later on the Daily Express in London.

In the course of his two years’ National Service he was commissioned and became Britain’s youngest army captain. He served during the Suez Operation in November 1956

Recorded 2011 for the BBC and Celebrity Radio by Alex Belfield.