The Osmonds Jay, Jimmy & Merrill Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s The Osmonds Jay, Jimmy & Merrill Interview….

In 2014 the boys are back in on tour across the UK. Alex Belfield from Celebrity Radio got to meet them!

Alex has loved the Osmonds for many years but until tonight he’d never seen them Live. “What a show! From the second they came on the stage you could see their unique alchemy, pure talent and 54 years of professionalism brought together by the boys!”

The Osmonds are celebrating their incredible careers by touring the UK for a final time in a remarkable show Starring Jay, Jimmy and Merrill Osmond.

Alex always loves catching up with the Osmonds.

The Osmonds Interview Alex Belfield Alex Belfield the Osmonds Interview The Osmonds Alex Belfield

Here’s an Exclusive interview with The Osmonds & Alex Belfield;

Alex says “These guys are a ton of fun, never take themselves seriously and when they perform their harmonies are some of the most powerful and beautiful I’ve ever heard in 15 years of reviewing theatre. 54 years in the business and their voices are as good as ever….if not better!”

Here’s Alex & the boys…

The Osmonds

The Osmonds started their careers on the ‘Andy Williams Show’ and they went on take the world by storm.

Here’s some Osmond facts:

1) 200 Albums released

2) 100 Million copies sold

3) 59 Gold & Platinum Records

4) In 2003 the Osmonds received their ultimate show business accolade of a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

The Osmonds have a new album out now at Tesco’s called “Can’t get there without you”. There are some incredible tunes on the album, very moving and beautifully produced.

The band is incredible on this tour, the guys rock and the audience just loved every second of this sell out show.

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Review and interview by Alex Belfield recorded at Nottingham Royal Centre 4/4/2012