The Railway Children Review Kings Cross West End 2015

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The posters for the stage adaptation of E Nesbit’s 1906 children’s book excitedly boasts “A Real Steam Train!”

When the green giant finally appears, chugging through the smoke and appearing from the darkness – it’s a theatrical masterpiece and showstopper for all ages.

As the audience sits either side of the train track, you cannot fail to be engrossed by this hugely stimulating performance. It feels 3D and interactive.

The Railway Children tells the story of a family’s relocation to Yorkshire when the father is imprisoned for spying and evocatively celebrates the innocence of youth and trials of growing up.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview and review with Sean Hughes from The Railway Children:

Damian Cruden’s delightful production enjoyed two sell-out runs in a purpose built 1,000-seat auditorium at Waterloo station in 2010 and 2011, and now it returns to London with the same set-up, this time at King’s Cross.

The staging is magnificent, and Damian Cruden skilfully weaves the slightly dis-jointed plot through a complex sequence of moving stages which fit within the train track.

There are endless moving and memorable lines including “Jam or butter. Not both.” It’s a story of class, power, family and society.

Kings Cross Railway Children Review The Railway Children review king cross live train Railway Children Real Steam Train Kings Cross Review

I’m slight confused why the children were played by adults but they pulled it off brilliantly nevertheless.

This show is nostalgic. It’s a classic play energetically & vibrantly brought back to life for 2015 audience.

Praise is due for Craig Vear for masterfully designing perfectly crafted sound in this tricky & vast space. Lighting is also excellent.

The Railway Children is different, very well performed and a rare treat and well worth visiting at Kings Cross.

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Review 26th March 2015 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.