Three Day Nanny Channel 4 Kathryn Mews Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Three Day Nanny Channel 4 Kathryn Mews Interview….

Modern family life is a constant battle for attention; whether it’s phones, tablets, TV or a host of other distractions families have more to cope with now than ever before.

Working parents are time poor and face a bewildering amount of conflicting advice; how do they do what’s best?

For some, normal family life has broken down so much and behaviour has become so extreme that they need expert help.

Coming to their aid is Channel 4’s The Three Day Nanny returning for a brand new series this summer.

In it KATHRYN MEWES, professional nanny and family expert tackles some of the most extreme cases of families in crisis – all in just three days.

The new series of ‘3 Day Nanny’ is on Tuesday nights on Channel 4.

Enjoy her exclusive life story interview covering eating, sleeping, tantrums & whether you should use the ‘naughty’ step….

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Kathryn & Alex Belfield:

KATHRYN has developed a proven three day intervention which tackles parents and children alike. But will the families be willing to change?

The six part series will air from Tuesday 28th July on Channel 4.

In 1992 Kathryn attended Norland College in Hungerford and in 1994 she graduated with a Distinction and The Gifford Hall Award for Excellence.

She then began her career as a Norland nanny, staying with families for a period of time and learning and growing alongside the parents.

It didn’t take long before her fascination with the dynamics of family life became an on-going study.

After nine years as a nanny, Kathryn went to Australia, where she lived for three years. She travelled the country extensively before settling in Melbourne.

By this stage, she had made the decision that she wanted to help and guide parents on how to make parenthood both easy and enjoyable, so she began to draw up her business plan.

Kathryn worked with several families in Australia, helping to resolve concerns they had about their children’s behaviour.

It wasn’t long before she realised that she only needed to be in a home for three days in order to bring about long-lasting change.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 28th July 2015.