Thunder From Down Under Interview Excalibur Las Vegas

What is Thunder From Down Under at the Excalibur hotel and casino Las Vegas? We needed to find out….

So it’s Tuesday night in Las Vegas and they say “fancy covering Thunder From Down Under”. Why not, what happens in Vegas ends up on Celebrity Radio…..

I naturally turn up late, very late for this one but long enough to realise the room is sold out – unheard of mid-week in Vegas outside of the absolute biggest headliners.

Next, as I ascend the theatre escalator I can hear the screaming from half way up. By the time I arrive at the showroom entrance at Excalibur my ears are literally bleeding.

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Thunder From Down Under Stripper Interview and Review 2014
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These women are into the show. These women will do anything to get up close and personal to the guys….some of the lucky fews have their prayers answered!

My favourite ‘scene’ from the show was the ‘best orgasm’ competition where three women (celebrating their impending marriages) rehearsed their best grunts in front of their adoring friends and audience. Trust me, in 34 years I never heard noises like these.

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Matthew Fardell & Alex Biffin:

Hooley Dooley. This is an education!

Firstly the music in the show is excellent. This is a concert, an event. The lighting (plus infinite amounts of smoke) makes the guys look the absolute best they can.

For the girls who watch, I’m told it’s “empowering”. If it’s good enough for the topless shows aimed at guys, why shouldn’t the girls have some fun? Go for it ladies, that’s what I say.

The volume of screaming in this theatre was akin to a 1D concert, I have to admit I’ve never heard anything like it. The girls loved every second.

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The guys are clearly at the peak of their physical peak. They can move, they can dance they can tease…

I can’t imagine how disciplined they must be. I would love to do this. Equally I love to do the Caesars Palace buffet.

The atmosphere at Thunder from Down Under is electric. Here’s a taster of the feel of the show:

What was surprising is the number of couples in the audience, I didn’t expect that. They seemed to have a lot of fun.

The guys work the crowd – they come amongst the crowd on many occasions – and the girls can’t get enough of it. It is literally like being thrown to the lions – the boys have far more confidence they I could possible pretend to muster! They appear to have a blast, and why not, no-one is screaming for me to wear thong!

Wandering hands can make light work in this showroom!

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If you’re into guys qualified down under, and want a party – this is definitely the show for you!

Thunder From Down Under has high energy, huge muscles and for those wondering – no you don’t & no you can’t!

All clean Sin City fun that even Grandma could enjoy x

Bravo boys! If I could only be you for a week….

Never mind back to being chubby and ginger. Life’s cruel hey!

Here’s Alex Belfield and the Boys….

Thunder From Down Under

This show is for all ages. Franny from Las Vegas has seen Thunder from Down Under a whopping 575 times!

She now has a lifetime pass to the show for her dedication.

Here’s Franny Kring’s story recorded at the Excalibur Las Vegas:

Monday – Wednesday:  9:00 pm
Thursday & Sunday:  9:00 pm and 11:00 pm
Friday & Saturday:  7:00 pm, 9:00 pm  and 11:00 pm

Review Recorded by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio on 21st May 2014

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