Tina Malone Weight Loss IVF Interview Shameless

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Tina Malone Weight Loss IVF Interview Shameless….

Tina Malone shot to fame 20 years ago on Brookside and was re-invented as a national treasure 10 years ago on Channel 4’s Shameless.

She Starred for 8 series as the infamous Mimi Tutton in this shocking, outrageous and brilliantly hysterical drama by Paul Abbott.

Ms. Malone is a larger than life character that has had an incredible life & career.

She’s a fighter, a thinker and has an opinion on almost everything as you will hear!

'This Morning' TV programme, London, Britain - 07 Nov 2014 Tina Malone Life Story Interview Shamless Tina Malone Interview

Alex Belfield @ Celebrity Radio has been lucky to interview all of the biggest Stars – Tina is a one in a million.

This is the most fun hour of radio you’ll have heard in years. Tina is the perfect guest.

To make it easier I’ve chopped this 60 minute chat into 7 sections. Don’t miss the ‘Victoria Beckham’ or ‘Politics sections – it will blow your mind.

God bless Tina Malone!

Part 1 – Weight Loss / Diet / Gastric Band…..

Part 2 – Body / Husband Paul / Sex…..

Part 3 – Thoughts on Showbiz types like Victoria Beckham…..

Part 4 – What next for her career…..

Part 5 – Being Mimi @ Shameless…..

Part 6 – A life in Show Business….

Part 7 – Tina On Politics (don’t miss this section!)

She’s lived her life to the full and by her own admission “had every type of man”. Don’t mess with her family or she’ll “cut your throat!” This Liverpool lass is old school – honest, down to earth and real – so rare in 2014!

After years of searching she’s finally found her man, Paul Chance, (20 years her junior) who has literally turned Tina’s life around.

He’s supported her through her dramatic 10+ stone weight loss, testing IVF treatment and battle with mental illness.

Their love and devotion has resulted in their gorgeous baby girl Flame born Feb 2014.

From getting pregnant at 17 & 50, to battling weight and losing a staggering amount of weight with the help of gastric band – she’s lived her life to the full. “I’m amazed when men don’t fancy me” – fabulous!

Recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2014.