Tom Daley NEW Interview 2019

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Tom Daley is a British diver. He specialises in the 10-metre platform event and is a double World champion in the event; he won the 2009 FINA World Championship in the individual event at the age of 15, before regaining it in 2017. He was the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist in the event.

Tom is an idol to many and has over 100,000,000 hits on his YouTube channel.

In 2013 Tom came out on his channel and confirmed he’d been dating Lance Black. They have since married and now have a baby called Robbie born in June 2018.

Tom is now preparing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Daley is naturally huge on health and fitness and talks to us about the importance of breakfast with the help of Qaker Oats. Find out more CLICK HERE!

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Tom and Alex via YouTube:

The modern morning routine takes 45 minutes – and includes checking emails, scrolling through social media and hitting the snooze button for 14 minutes.

New research from Quakers Oats has revealed we heavily rely on social media as part of both our bedtime and morning routines, with three in 10 prioritising their social feeds as the first thing they do when they wake up.

The average weekday alarm will go off at 06:40am, but only one in five Brits gets out of bed at this point. Nearly half the nation ‘snooze’ their alarm in the morning and one sixth do so more than twice.

But it’s breakfast time that pays the price – extra time in bed results in less than half making time for breakfast every day and a third of ‘snoozers’ admit they’d rather have a few extra winks than food.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 17th October 2019.