Toni Lee Interview We’ve Only Just Begun UK TOUR

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Toni Lee Interview We’ve Only Just Begun UK TOUR…

Toni Lee performs as Karen Carpenter in “We’ve Only Just Begun” which has been on the road now for over 5 years and its simply the best Celebration of the Carpenters music to be heard anywhere in the world.

The show features every Carpenter hit with an 8 piece big band and audiovisuals of the Carpenters career highlights. It’s an evening of pure nostalgia where Toni Lee truly becomes Karen Carpenter.

We were thrilled to talk to Toni. Listen via YouTube below…

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Toni here:

Toni grew up in a music business family. Toni continues to tour the UK.

Her dad was a professional musician and her mum worked as an agent.

Here’s the official poster:

So Toni has been surrounded by bands and singers from an early age. When other kids were playing street games, Toni was packing her Dad’s car with his instruments and discovering what life on the road was all about!

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 7th August 2019.