Tony Roma’s Restaurant Review Ribs Seafood & Steaks

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Tony Roma’s Restaurant Review Ribs Seafood & Steaks….

Here at Celebrity Radio, we try and look for the good in everything we review. This is not always easy.

With over 200 restaurants in 33 countries and six continents, I was curious to find out what the fuss was all about.

Tony Roma’s claims to be committed to providing “the best dining experience anywhere”….oh dear.

I visited Tony Roma’s in Doral, Florida in Jan 2015….

Tony Roma's Ribs Restaurant Review 2015 Tony Roma's Ribs Seafood Steaks Restaurant Review 2015 Tony Romas Restaurant Review 2015

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“Our succulent ribs, crispy fresh salads, mouth watering chargrilled steaks, flame grilled burgers, original BBQ chicken and delicious seafood all make up a menu that is sure to please every guest.”

Sadly when I left, I wasn’t pleased. Actually I was hugely disappointed.

I’m very lucky that I get to eat in amazing restaurants all of the time and people think only love ‘fine dining’ – I don’t!

One of my favourite things in the world is amazing ribs….I’ve had some of the best ribs in the smallest most humble eateries in tiny towns.

“Go to Tony’s” they said, so I did!

Tony Romas Ribs Review Tony Roma's Onion Rings Restaurant Review Mixed Appetiser Tony Roma's

The atmosphere felt like an upmarket cafeteria more than a restaurant with basic tables, chairs and TV’s all around.

To begin I started with the ‘Roma’s Platter’ – A trio of appetizers – Boneless Bites, Spinach Artichoke Dip and signature Half Onion Loaf matched with bleu cheese dressing, salsa, sour cream and our TR’s BBQ sauce.

I loved the Onion rings/loaf – beautifully crisp. The rest was very nice….

Roma's sampler starter restaurant review 2015

Next, I had to try the ‘world famous’ ribs! Whoopsy.

To me ribs should fall off the bone…these didn’t.

For me ribs should be succulent, packed with flavour and totally moreish….these weren’t.

To me, if you’re going to sell your ribs as verging on amazing – they should be! These were not.

Hugely disappointing.

Tony Roma's Ribs Restaurant Review 2015

Next I tried Tony’s shrimp.

They were fine but certainly the least memorable and well cooked I’ve sampled during my three week vacation in Miami…

Disappointing considering the hype…

Shrimp and salmon Tony Roma's Restaurant Review

I have to be honest and say the room was underwhelming, unsophisticated and felt very 1985.

The service was ‘nice’ but certainly nothing special.

And for me, I have absolutely not one reason whatsoever to return to Tony Roma’s.

For TR to claim this is ‘the best dining anywhere’ he/they are clearly deluded or have never eaten outside a Denny’s.

Great shame.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 8th, Jan 2015.