UB40 2016 World Tour

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s UB40 2016 World Tour Interview Robin Campbell…


Robin, Earl, Norman, Jimmy and Brian represent five of the six founding members of UB40.

Jimmy, Brian and Robin are (and always have been) UB40’s principle songwriters.

UB40’s latest Top 30 album, ‘Getting Over The Storm’, was released in September 2013 and was awarded BBC Radio 2’s ‘Album of The Week’ accolade.

The band’s subsequent tour to support the release of ‘Getting Over The Storm’ began in 2014 and saw the band perform to 200,000 fans in the UK. It was the most extensive UK tour of the band’s career to-date.

In addition, UB40 performed sell-out shows all over the world. UB40 are in the middle of recording a brand new studio album.

In the past month or so, UB40 have played to over 100,000 people at festivals and are now preparing for their 22-date UK tour, which starts on September 30th 2016

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview Robin with Alex via YouTube:

Duncan Campbell (Ali and Robin Campbell’s brother) joined the band when Ali left in 2008. When the group launched he didn’t think UB40 would be successful!

Martin and Laurence have been in the band for over 20 years, and Tony Mullings joined in 2008.

Interview recorded 22nd September 2016 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.