Valencia Once Restaurant Review ~ Alicante

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Valencia Once Restaurant Review ~ Alicante…..

Since I arrived in Alicante I have not been served a bad meal. The standard across the board appears to be exceptional.

There are however a few dining experiences that stand out from the crowd.

Restaurant Valencia Once is a more formal restaurant offering some of the best fish served in Alicante.

This fine dining restaurant offers great service, an incredible range of fresh fish (as you can see below) as well as various meat dishes. The restaurant also offers exceptional tapas.


Firstly I ordered the fresh langoustine – totally delicious, fresh, juicy and literally melt in your mouth.

Next I couldn’t resist the scallop which was very tasty with a mushroom sauce.

I highly recommend the Iberico ham. Again, the best in the world with such rich and incredible flavours.


For the main I ordered the Sea Bass en croute which was simply divine. A wonderful recipe perfectly cooked.

The pastry was a delight and beautifully crispy as it should be. The fish was truly fresh, moist and still flaky.

A wonderful house special from Valencia Once…

To conclude I enjoyed two Vanencian specialities.

I highly recommend Valencia Once in Alicante. This is not the cheapest restaurant however, as always, you get what you pay for and this restaurant delivers with service, ambiance and fresh, local, beautifully cooked food.

 Valencia Once Restaurant Review Alicante Spain 

Review 16/4/2013