Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio 2 & Strictly Come Dancing

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio 2 / Strictly Come Dancing…..

Everyone knows Belfield hates Vanessa Feltz!

Over the years he’s listened to chunky patronizing the entire nation with her condescending & sanctimonious tones. It drives him nuts!

So, when horse face called the show Live he gave her what she deserved – a mouth full of nonsense!

Interview Vanessa Feltz Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio 2 interview Vanessa Feltz Interview

Here’s their conversation following ‘Wife Swap’ on C4…..

This is clearly a parody from the Alex Belfield Radio Show.

Vanessa Feltz was born in Islington, London, and grew up in Pine Grove, Totteridge.

On her radio show she frequently refers to Totteridge as “the Beverly Hills of North London”, and her middle class Jewish background as like “growing up in Fiddler on the Roof”.[citation needed]

Her father Norman was in the lingerie business.

Her mother Valerie (née Ohrenstein) was a housewife who died of cancer at the age of 57 in 1995.

She has one sister, three years younger.

Feltz was educated at Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, an independent school in Elstree, Hertfordshire. She then went on to study at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in English.

In 1997 Feltz was tricked by the spoof TV show Brass Eye.

She presented the ITV daytime television chat show Vanessa, made by independent TV company Anglia Television.

She moved to the BBC to host a similar show, The Vanessa Show, in 1998 in a reported £2.7 million deal.

ITV replaced her show with Trisha.

In 1999 The Vanessa Show show suffered from bad publicity as some guests were alleged to have been actors. Despite her having had no involvement in the booking of guests, Felz was seen to be at fault, and the show was cancelled soon after