Veronic Voices Bally’s Las Vegas

Review Veronic Voices Bally’s Las Vegas….

So, they say “Fancy a ticket to Veronic Voices at Bally’s?”.

Well, it’s Saturday night in Vegas, she’s got the biggest buzz in 2014 so I say “YES!”

This was the best decision I have made during my 2.5 weeks in Las Vegas.

Let’s not waste time, this is the most blatant display of unadulterated talent & dedication I’ve seen in 10 years.

So impressive, so moving and so inspiring. Celebrity Radio awards Veronic Voices “BEST LAS VEGAS HEADLINER 2014!”

Veronic is a power-house performer who shoots out of a canon from the second she erupts from under the stage.

Her energy is only to be admired and applauded.

This lady has got it! Firstly, she’s gorgeous, can dance, is gifted with the most beautiful tone, texture and diversity of verse & she’s endorsed by Celine Dion. It’s almost sickening that one person can have so many blessings!

Veronic Voices Bally's Las Vegas Exclusive interview and life story 6 Veronic Voices Bally's Las Vegas Exclusive interview and life story 5 Veronic Voices Bally's Las Vegas Exclusive interview and life story 2

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Veronic and Alex Belfield recorded in Las Vegas:

So what is Veronic Voices?

Well – it’s 90 minutes in a classic Sin City Showroom where you get to hear Britney, Diana Ross, Lulu, Madonna, Liza, Lady Gaga, Shania,  Celine and many more – no really – it’s like they’re in the room!

In summary Veronic is the most incredibly brilliant vocalist and impersonator I’ve ever seen Live. Not since Danny Gans has Las Vegas seen such a multi-talented genius of Celine, Bette, Witney & Maria proportions.

Here’s Alex & Veronic at Bally’s Las Vegas…

Veronic Dicaire Alex Belfield Interview

Veronic was born to be in Las Vegas – she does it all! She can sing, dance and had the audience in the palm of her hand within seconds of standing on stage. What was most appealing was her humility and apparent inability to comprehend how magnificent she is on stage.

This lady can sing. In fact she can belt. She’s clearly dedicated her life to her craft and has mastered the art of mimicry, impersonation and impression.

It’s not just the voice (which is spot on) but it’s the attention to detail – a nod of the head, a flick of the hair, a tweak of the leg – Ms. Veronic has clearly spent 100’s of hours studying the people she’s features in her show.

Veronic Voices moves along fast. Unlike so many other shows this is all killer no filler. With the averaged ‘featured guest’ lasting under 2 minutes – Veronic features over 30 legends during her performance.

Veronic Voices Bally's Las Vegas Exclusive interview and life story 3 Veronic Voices Bally's Las Vegas Exclusive interview and life story 4 Veronic Voices Bally's Las Vegas Exclusive interview and life story

With all the biggest and best shows in Las Vegas, the lighting, staging in this production is second to none. The sound guys do an amazing job to make Veronic shine….and she does!

Unlike most other shows on the Strip, she doesn’t take cheap shots at the people she impersonates, Veronic pays tributes to the Stars she celebrates.

Theatrically the show moves quickly and features legends, icons, new Stars and genres including country, pop, standards and ballads.

Discovered, endorsed and produced by Celine Dion – it doesn’t get any bigger or better than this in City.

Veronic was born to perform in Las Vegas. She has talent, charisma, a wonderful connection to her audience and the most phenomenal voice I’ve heard in years.

Congratulations Veronic – not just ‘Best Show Las Vegas 2014’ but the best show I’ve seen in Las Vegas in many years.

I’m in total awe of Veronic’s talent. Her voice has been kissed by God.

Don’t miss Veronic at Bally’s Las Vegas.

Review by Alex Belfield recorded at Bally’s Las Vegas 18th May 2014.