Vicki Butler-Henderson Interview

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Vicki Butler-Henderson is a British racing driver and TV presenter.

Butler-Henderson started racing karts at the age of 12, being overtaken by David Coulthard in her first race.

She holds a car race licence as well as a power boat racing licence. After supplementing her income as a racing instructor at Silverstone Circuit, she also undertook a dual career in journalism where she worked on numerous British motoring magazines including Auto Express, What Car? and Performance Car.

Many car owners today care more about how many buggies they can fit in the boot than how quickly the vehicle can do 0 – 60mph, if at all. But the industry, manufacturers and the media included, seem obsessed with portraying a ‘hyper-masculine’ image, which is turning off potential buyers, both male and female.

The unique new study by Auto Trader, the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace for new and used cars, shows 87% of Brits feel increasingly disconnected from motoring content, advertising and the auto industry at large.

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Butler-Henderson lent her views in the Golden Garages Award, a search for the United Kingdom’s best garage run by Motor Codes. Butler-Henderson was part of a professional panel of six independent judges including the Telegraph’s Honest John and motoring editor of Which? magazine, Richard Headland. She later presented the prize in person to the winners of the competition, Kinghams of Croydon.

In 2007 Butler-Henderson married television producer and director Phil Churchward. Churchward worked on several motoring programmes as a producer of Fifth Gear, series director of Top Gear and director of The Grand Tour.

At Autosport International on 15 January 2011, Butler-Henderson’s Fifth Gear co-presenter Jason Plato announced that she would not be able to attend as she was having a baby girl. Her second child, a son, was born in 2015

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 24th April 2018.