Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s WARNING Fake TAPE FACE Harrah’s Las Vegas…

TAPE FACE is a brilliant comedy creation by the hugely creative Sam Wills.

Sam shot to fame on America’s Got Talent and gained a huge instant fan base following killer performances on this globally syndicated TV show.

This resulted in Sam being offered a showroom at Harrah’s Las Vegas performing nightly throughout the year. We met him in 2018. Watch HERE.

When we met Sam we found him to be a class act. However, in May 2019 we were made aware that Sam regularly uses an understudy to the dismay of the paying public who feel lied to, cheated and raped of their show fee…

We’ve since discovered that Sam will NOT be performing at Harrah’s Las Vegas in September, November or December 2019 as he’s on a European tour. His show will be performed be a ‘FAKE TAPE FACE’!

We cannot find one image of TAPE FACE that isn’t Sam, or indeed a video on YouTube. On the official Caesars booking page Sam Wills is named. There is no disclaimer regarding his sneaky understudy.

The South Korean tour will be entirely performed by his so far unnamed understudy.

Check Google for avoidance of doubt…

I have been an entertainment reporter for more than two decades and have never heard of such blatant abuse of public trust.

The argument that this is “good business” is laughable. I’m sure Celine would like to clone CD2’s around the globe to sell arenas. Stop it. We understand TF1 plans to have 5 ‘Fake Faces’ performing around the world.

Sam is a Las Vegas Headliner whether he likes it or not.

People are paying to see the original Tape Face and his claim TF is an “experience” is complete unedifying bullshit for his ticket scam.

We asked Sam six times to confirm whether the public are told when he does not appear and he refused to answer. Instead he trotted out a load of PR shite justifying his literal duplicity.

Same with his employer Caesars Entz – no comment. Shady at the very least – criminal at worst.

Watch this article on YouTube in HD:

TAPE FACE insists that he is a brand akin to Blue Man Group and Absinthe – bollocks.

Sam made his name and fame through a nationally syndicated TV show which enables him to sell 100+ seats a night in the entertainment capital of the world.

TF1 & TF2 finally come clean a day after they were busted…

To take people’s money (without telling them) and deliver a ‘first cover’ or ‘understudy’ akin to Broadway is cheating and frankly stealing from the public!

I have NEVER heard of another headliner stupid enough to pull this stunt and scam anywhere in the world.

Do the people in South Korea know they’re paying to see an actor play the part of Sam Wills’ Tape Face?

No-one is denying TF is talented or that his show isn’t wonderful. But claiming there’s no such thing as a “true” Tape Face is like saying there is nothing wrong selling a show as “Elton John In Las Vegas” and then delivering a fat balding fella from England who sounds like him and plays the piano like a dream.

Stop it. You’re a cheat Tape Face and you should be ashamed!

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Caesars Entertainment are the most stupid, ignorant and lazy PR department in the world. We asked them for comment and they didn’t respond.

No wonder Caesars is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy and has just been sold. We wish their PR team good luck in their new careers.

Article by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 16th July 2019.