Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory World Tour Review 2015

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory World Tour Review 2015….

You see the thing is, I’ve loved & been playing ‘Weird Al’ on my radio show for 20 years.

His parodies are simply the best in the business and he is truly the master of his art globally.

But how would cute 2 minute hysterical parodies translate to a two hour Live concert in Sin City?

Well, it does – magnificently!

Beyond anything else, Al is a consummate entertainer and has a remarkably powerful, diverse and hugely enjoyable voice.

His powerhouse lead vocals rock the venue, his comedy schtick adds to the energy in the room and his band and light show are as good as any touring headliner I’ve seen in Las Vegas.

This is a rock concert is of epic proportions. It’s all killer and no filler from second one until his roof raising finale.

The sound system is sensational and the attention to detail is only to be admired.

Weird Al 2015 Tour Review  Mandatory Weird Al 2015 Tour Review USA Canada Europe Weird Al 2015 Tour Review Tom Hanks

What Al does best is ridicule & mockery, but it is never mean spirited and the show has absolutely no bad language – that’s remarkable in 2015! It’s just good old fashioned fun.

The show begins on the big screen as Al makes his way from outside the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas through backstage, then into the audience and finally on to the stage for his first standing ovation.

This crowd adore Al! I’ve rarely seen such true admiration and respect for an artist.

Kudos for getting an incredible PA for the show – it does the standard of the show & band absolute justice and makes a huge impact from the second the show opens.

Weird Al 2015 Tour Review  London Birmingham Weird Al 2015 Tour Review  Canada USA Weird Al 2015 Tour Review  Miley Cirus

As Yankovic makes his way parodying from Miley Cirus to ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ Polka style (inspired) – this slightly awkward artist seamlessly cuts from song to song effortlessly.

The mix of age groups from 7 to 70 was rare and just lovely to be part of.

This is a big production show! The technology is inspired, the editing of the videos in-between songs / scenes is genius and hysterical – and again, his comic timing is phenomenal.

The band are remarkable – true musicians bringing these songs to life in the most authentic form.

Weird Al 2015 Tour Review I'm sexy and I know it  Weird Al 2015 Tour Review EBAY

The precision of each act was also remarkable – timing impeccable and the stage hands keeping the show at 100MPH.

This show moves along with boundless energy. Al is only to be admired for his tenacity through this often high and challenging numbers.

He doesn’t waste time talking in between – it’s straight on to the next.

Aside from the band, set, big screen and light show – Yankavic is a true Star and has a magnificent voice to carry off each of these epic wordy numbers.

For that – we give him 5* for MANDATORY – touring the world in 2015.


Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 17th May 2015 at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.