Who is Alix Earle dating

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Who is Alix Earle Dating Right Now 2023?

Alix Earle is an American TV personality, her fans are always eager to know more about her personal life, especially her romantic relationships. We’ll delve into her relationship status, closely examine her boyfriend, and even explore her dating history. So, if you’re curious about the love life of this rising star, read on!

Who is Alix Earle dating right now?

Alix Earle is dating Braxton Berrios. Since May 2023, romantic rumours have swelled around Alix and NFL player Braxton Berrios, as they have been frequently spotted together in public. In the subsequent month, they were observed enjoying the Palm Tree Music Festival in Westhampton, New York. An image of Alix and Braxton sitting side by side at the festival was even featured on the official Instagram page of the music festival.

Relationship Status

 Alix Earle is in a relationship with Braxton Berrios. In September 2023, Alix publicly stated her single status on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. However, she also mentioned that she continues to spend time with a specific NFL player, indicating that they are not defining their relationship now. They are in no hurry to put a label on their connection.

All About Alix Earle’s Boyfriend

Born on October 6, 1995, in Raleigh, North Carolina, Braxton Berrios is a professional American football wide receiver currently playing for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League (NFL). His athletic journey began at Leesville Road High School in Raleigh, where he showcased his skills as a quarterback. 

How did Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios meet?

Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios crossed paths for the first time when a fan met Earle at a restaurant in Miami in early May. Berrios stood alongside her in a TikTok video, marking their initial public appearance together.

Who has Alix Earle dated?

Tyler Wade

Earle and Wade made their relationship public in September 2022 but maintained a low profile during their time together. However, the MLB star made a rare appearance on Earle’s TikTok profile. Their relationship was turbulent in December 2022 when Earle announced their breakup. She mentioned that they had been having disagreements for a while, and she was unhappy in the relationship.

After sharp-eyed fans spotted Wade and Earle together post-breakup, rumors began circulating that they might be reconciling. Earle addressed these speculations on her “Hot Mess” podcast in September 2023.

“You know how breakups go; you have talks, you seek closure, and you’re still tying up loose ends,” she said, referring to one of their post-breakup conversations. “My ex, however, was not ready to let go of the relationship. It was one of those situations where he wanted to reunite, claimed he would change, and genuinely wanted to make things work.”

But for Earle, she had no desire to rekindle the relationship.

Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios Relationship Timeline 

On October 6, in celebration of his 28th birthday, Earle posted a sizzling photograph of herself and Berrios on her Instagram. In the image, both were clad in swimsuits, with the Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver holding Earle as they exchanged a kiss.

In the caption, Earle affectionately wrote, “hbd nfl man,” marking a special day for the NFL athlete.

Across her numerous social media followers, Earle has playfully dubbed Berrios as “NFL man” in her posts throughout the duration of their speculated romance.

June 9, 2023: Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios spotted at Miami Heat game

On June 10, Earle posted an “un-GRWM” TikTok the day following her presence at a Miami Heat game.

Although she didn’t explicitly name Berrios in the video, she responded to a fan’s comment that asked, “Are we not going to mention Braxton?”

Earle’s reply was, “Yes, we went to the game together, haha.”

Alix Earle Quick Facts Table

Birth Place Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States
Birth date December 16, 2000
ProfessionTikTok Star, Social Media Influencer, and Content Creator 
Net worth$6 million
Martial status Single
Kids N/A
siblingsIzabel Earle, Penelope Earle, and Thomas James Earle II
Spouse N/A

Alix Earle Confronts Rumors and Critics 

Addressing ongoing rumors surrounding her relationship with an NFL star, Earle made a public statement during her appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast on September 20. The podcast’s host, Alex Cooper, pointed out that Earle had been subjected to public scrutiny and labeled a “mistress” and “homewrecker” due to her alleged involvement with the unnamed NFL player. When Cooper asked if Earle had been involved with the NFL player while he was in a previous relationship, Earle immediately responded, “It is so triggering to even hear you say that.”

She went on to express her emotional response to these comments, revealing that she had been deeply affected by them and had even shed tears while discussing the situation with her friends. Earle’s childhood upbringing had instilled in her a strong belief that such actions were morally wrong, which made these accusations especially hurtful. She clarified, “No, they were not together.”

Earlier in the podcast episode, Earle discussed the impact on her family and personal life following her father Thomas Earle’s well-known affair with her now stepmother, Ashley Dupré. She explained that when his former girlfriend began hinting at infidelity in their relationship and since they were seen together, people started pointing fingers at her. She emphasized that she immediately sought evidence to confirm or refute these claims, stating, “I was checking everything,” and that she had had numerous discussions with her father about the issue because she feared that if he could do it to someone else, he might do it to her. She also reflected on the moral implications, noting that she couldn’t live with herself if she had committed such acts.

Prior to these events, Braxton Berrios had been in a relationship with Sophia Culpo, a star from “The Culpo Sisters.” However, the couple had broken up in early 2023.


Are Alix Earle and Braxton together?

It has been reported that Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios are in an exclusive relationship, even though they made their red carpet debut. They are not officially a couple.

Who are some of Alix Earle’s past partners?

Alix Earle previously dated Tyler Wade.

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