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Who is Sabrina Carpenter Dating Right Now 2023?

Sabrina Carpenter, the multi-talented actress, singer, and songwriter, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with her impressive career and engaging persona. As her fans eagerly follow her journey, one question that often comes to mind is, “Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating right now?” In this article, we’ll delve into the current relationship status of Sabrina Carpenter, her girlfriend, and her dating history.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating right now?

Hollywood relationships are often in the spotlight, and Sabrina Carpenter’s love life has been a topic of interest among fans and the media.Sabrina Carpenter is not dating anyone

Relationship Status

Sabrina Carpenter was in a relationship with David Dobrik. The two young stars have been together for a while and have been open about their relationship on social media. Right now, Sabrina is not dating anyone.

All About Sabrina Carpenter’s Boyfriend

David Dobrik is a well-known figure in the social media and entertainment world. He gained fame through his hilarious and heartwarming vlogs on YouTube, where he collaborates with various celebrities and friends. David was born on July 23, 1996, in Košice, Slovakia, and moved to the United States. He has a massive following on social media platforms, especially YouTube and Instagram.

Despite his success in the digital space, David Dobrik is more than just a social media sensation. He is also a talented actor and has appeared in several television shows and movies. His charismatic personality and philanthropic efforts have endeared him to a broad audience.

Sabrina Carpenter Relationship Timeline

David Dobrik

Carpenter’s connection to the YouTube star came to light in August 2023, as they were seen together at TAO Chicago restaurant after her Lollapalooza performance. Carpenter playfully addressed the speculations through her Instagram post two days later, captioning a series of photos from the event with, “Sorry, I don’t date Lollapaloozas.”

While some of her fans believed Carpenter was dismissing any romantic rumours, others suggested she might have been referring to lyrics from her festival performance. In her song, she sang, “Turn that relationship into stone, call me Medusa, choking on him, need a Heimlich manoeuvre, sorry, I don’t date Lollapalooz-ers.”

Shawn Mendes

In January 2023, the celebrity from “Work It” and the popular singer known for “Stitches” made headlines when photographed together in Los Angeles. They were spotted once more the following month as they left the Gucci store in Beverly Hills while attending a release party for Miley Cyrus.

Although Mendes asserted in a March 2023 interview on the Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard that he and Sabrina were not dating, fans couldn’t help but speculate when the “Nothing Holding Me Back” artist sported a green pendant that appeared to match Carpenter’s birthstone while attending the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, causing quite a stir among his followers.

Dylan O’Brien

Romance speculations swirled as the duo was sighted together in various locations across New York City in September 2022.

Joshua Bassett

Carpenter and Bassett’s connection became apparent in the summer of 2020 when they enjoyed each other’s company during lunch and at various Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles. Their Halloween celebration that year featured them dressing up as Shark Boy and Lavagirl, and they delighted their followers by sharing photos of their coordinated costumes on Instagram.

The spark of romance rumours was ignited the following year when Rodrigo, Bassett’s ex-girlfriend, released her debut single, “Driver’s License,” which fans suspected might allude to the “Sue Me” singer.

While Carpenter and Bassett continued to show their support for each other’s careers through their social media interactions, Bassett revealed in a December 2021 interview with GQ that he was currently single.

Griffin Gluck

The pair first crossed paths while working on the 2019 Netflix movie “Tall Girl.” Their relationship appeared to be confirmed in October of that same year when Carpenter shared an Instagram photo of the two dressed in matching Halloween costumes. They also made joint appearances, such as attending the premiere of “Big Time Adolescence,” in which Gluck co-starred with Pete Davidson.

Despite their conspicuous connection, the two never officially acknowledged their romance. However, they drifted apart around the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Bradley Steven Perry

The “Nonsense” songstress and the former “Good Luck Charlie” star were initially linked in 2014. During that same year, Carpenter revealed in an interview with J-14 how Perry creatively invited her on a date.

“He asked me out in a really unique way. It was like something out of those pirate movies, where they put notes in little bottles and send them across the ocean. He put a note inside, and it was cute,” she fondly recalled.

While the couple frequently used social media to give fans a peek into their relationship, they decided to part ways in 2015 after a year of dating.

Sabrina Carpenter Quick Facts Table

Birth Place Quakertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Birth date 11 May 1999
ProfessionAmerican singer
Net worth$7 Million
Martial status single
Kids N/A
Spouse N/A

Did Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher date in real life?

In the 2020 Netflix film “Work It,” Sabrina and Jordan Fisher co-starred as Quinn and Jake, respectively. Their on-screen chemistry was so compelling that it led fans to speculate about a real-life romance between them. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that at the time, Jordan was engaged to Ellie Woods, and Sabrina was in a relationship with Griffin Gluck. In reality, Sabrina and Jordan have never had a romantic involvement.


Are Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter still together?

Bassett announced his single status in December 2021, and since then, Carpenter has been romantically linked with Joshua Bassett , among other individuals.

What are Sabrina Carpenter’s fans called?

She was signed to her record label at the age of 12 and affectionately calls her fanbase “Carpenters.”

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