X Burlesque Review Flamingo Vegas

X Burlesque Review @ Flamingo Casino Las Vegas…..

X-Burlesque at Flamingo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is one of the most popular and long running topless reviews on the strip.

Performing at 10pm nightly. It’s high energy, engaging, slick and packed with truly stunning girls.

In 2017 X-Burlesque celebrates its 15th anniversary on the Strip!

This 75 minute production has great lighting, production bits and some of the hottest ladies with the best choreography in Vegas history.

This show is full of fit girls with incredible dance routines but is more ‘X’ than Burlesque….



Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE review via YouTube:

This show, like most casino topless productions is not sleazy or downmarket. The shows are beautifully performed by incredibly talented performers.

Stunning new costumes and seductive new dance numbers have been added to X Burlesque in honor of the Diamond Anniversary, including a seductive pole number to “Dirty Girl”, “Show Girl” and “Lone Digger”.

Edgy choreography, creative props and 6 beautiful dancers combine to form one sexy show – X Burlesque topless revue at the Flamingo.

The show stars the X Girls – a troupe of talented topless dancers, some of whom are classically trained. Their precision is only to be admired. Some of their moves will leave you speechless!

X Burlesque is performed in an intimate 180-seat theater in cabaret style. There’s up-close and personal interaction with the dancers, who venture out into the crowd and perform on a stripper pole in the center of the room.

You might even end up on stage if you’re picked for the ‘office chair’ scene – my idea of a complete nightmare, although the guy this evening at the Diamond Celebration performance didn’t seem to care!

Video screens on either side of the stage display seductive footage although seem a little tired at time. Who cares – just show us the girls. The sound in the showroom is perfect and the tracks are perfectly produced and picked.


The show is packed with popular music that will appeal to every taste from rock to country and the variety of styles allows each dancer to showcase her unique talents.

The music has great energy and the girls are hot…but lets be clear, this is not a strip club – it’s a dance show packed with stunning girls.

This is not a strip club or even a ‘sexy’ experience as such – it just fun, entertaining & incredibly hot! There’s a mutual respect between the audience and the performers.


Nancy Ryan entertains at half time. We all need a little time to re-group and cool down a little…talking of which, this is the coldest showroom in Sin City – bring a blanket!

This show caters to just about every male fantasy there is, making these “X”-rated dancers some of the sexiest on the Strip.

X-Burlesque is definitely worth a visit compared to others in this often tired craft.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 18th May 2017.