4* Review Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Review Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream….

Las Vegas is still the magic capital of the world offering endless Stars of illusion up and down the Strip. ‘Mortimer’s Magical Dream’ at Planet Hollywood is offering something new & different in 2017….

The intimate Sin City showroom is home to Xavier’s unique artistic performance and fast paced magic. There’s nothing predictable about this show.

Xavier mixes modern technology with classic magic via clown / Cirque-esq theatre & pathos.

His levitation & flying cane acts are quite remarkable…especially considering the constraints of the room.

French export Xavier Mortimer shot to fame after appearing at the Edinburgh Festival. Since then he’s toured the world and became the first Cirque Du Soleil headliner at MJ One.

Now Xavier performs his own show ‘Mortimer’s Magical Dream’ at PH nightly @ 7pm.

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Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with Xavier & Alex via YouTube:

Audiences enter the Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino only to find themselves immediately transported into Mortimer’s dream world.

Along with his unconventional cast of characters, Mortimer takes the audience on an adventure they won’t soon forget. Spectators will be amazed by how the magic poetically unfolds through more than 14 acts in this wild dream.

With the wonder of Mary Poppins, the theatrics of Charlie Chaplin, and an array of talents unique to Mortimer himself, this all-ages production transcends what you thought you knew about entertainment.

At once funny, daring, inspirational and immersive, Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream is the key that opens the door to a hidden world of magic you never knew you were missing.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 23th May 2017.