Yard House Review Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Yard House Review Las Vegas…..

The Yard House is a high end pub located at the brand new Linq in the centre of the strip directly in front of the staggering High Roller wheel.

With one of the biggest and most impressive selections of craft beers I’ve seen anywhere in the world – this is a bar and restaurant of epic proportions!

The food at Yard House is beautifully presented and all of the dishes are cooked from scratch in house.

The bar and dining room is elegant and has a sophisticated feel.

With delicious fresh fish, steaks, pizza’s and more – there’s something for everyone at this 5* pub & bar…..

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To begin the food is hugely impressive. This perfectly presented & creative food is for foodies who want a relaxed and informal atmosphere with high end service and ingredients.

To begin I couldn’t resist the house special – the Lobster Crab & Artichoke Dip. With chips and pita on the side – this could easily be a meal in itself.

One of my favourite items on the menu is the ‘Shrimp Lettuce Wraps’ with tofu, pine nuts & green onions. The shrimp were delicious and perfectly cooked. A sensational appetiser.

Finally the Poke Stack – marinated raw ahi – was a gorgeous looking dish packed with flavour.

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My favourite appetiser by a mile was the gorgeous Ahi Sashumi.

So simple but one of the most tender and moreish tuna dishes I’ve ever tasted. Sensational.

A 5* appetiser.

Perfectly seared rare, blackened with soy vinaigrette, wasabi & pickled ginger….

Appetisers The Yard House Review (2)

Next, to the entrée’s….

The ‘Pastrami Benedict Burger’ with roasted tomato, bernaise & fried egg was a innovative and exciting burger. The meat was tender and moist and the sweet potato fries were perfect.

The ‘Rib-eye Steak Surf & Turf’ was a delightful dish with huge shrimp / langoustine.

The broccoli was perfectly al dente & and crisp with corn mash and tomato on the side. The Yard House sauce was a divine addition. Perfect carnivores dinner….

Burger The Yard House Las Vegas Review The Yard House Review Las Vegas Surf and turf The Yard House Las Vegas Review

The pizza at The Yard House are said to be exceptional. The Margherita with roasted roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, mozzarella & fresh basil was a very authentic Italian pizza.

For pasta I highly recommend shrimp, crab, lobster pasta with shiitake mushrooms & parmesan. A lovely dish.

The finely chopped Yard Salad covered in perfectly fresh avocado is a veggies delight.

Pizza Yard House Review Pasta Review Yard House Yard House Chopped Salad Review

Finally don’t miss dessert….

The Yard House Triple was a delight. With Lemon soufflé,  peach cobbler & chocolate soufflé you certainly won’t leave hungry!

Next, the Macadamia Nut Cheesecake with caramel, raspberry sauce, whipped cream was a huge portion of fun.

Finally the Caramel Butter Scotch Pudding is a more refined & dignified affair and beautifully cooked.

Yard House Las Vegas Review Dessert Review Dessert The Yard House Dessert Yard House Las Vegas review

The Yard Pub next to the High Roller is a 5* bar and pub.

There’s a sensational collection of beers and the food is excellent.


Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2015.