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I first fell in love with Zumanity by Cirque Du Soleil over 10 years ago. This show is a theatrical treat.

It’s sexy, funny, moving, immersive, charming, enlightening breath-taking, very naughty & collectively – utterly brilliant.

Exploring the unique sensuality and individual peculiarity of the sexual spectrum, you’ll need to be 18+ to get in. This is not Disney!

Zumanity was born to play Las Vegas with sensational ‘Spec’ acts who will literally leave you speechless with their aerial acts, life long crafted routines & mind blowing feats of human strength & endurance.

So what is ‘Zumanity’? Cirque go to great lengths to keep you thinking. In summary, this is a raunchy cabaret of epic proportions.

Zumanity will blow your mind (and potentially other things too)! Be aware, you may end up in the show as well as watching it.

Celebrity Radio’s BEST R18 ADULT CABARET SHOW 2016!


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Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE 2016 Audio / Visual review via YouTube:

For a while this show seemed a little sanitised and confused – was it sexy or funny? Not any more – this is hottest ticket in Sin City literally!

Brandon Pereyda’s ‘Chains’ is one of the most thrilling acts I’ve EVER seen anywhere in the world! He’s truly worth the ticket price alone!

Both breath-taking & exhilarating.


Zumanity is hosted by the delicious Edie (brilliant Christopher Kenney) who Emcee’s the entire performance with a perfect balance of sensuality, teasing and brutal comic timing.

Chains Zumanity 5 Star Review Zumanity New York New York Best Sexy Show Las Vegas Zumanity 2016 Best Adult Show Las Vegas Zumanity

Zumanity has the most vigour, vulgar energy, spark and wow factor.

That is 100% down to the talent and casting of this unique show. You’ll be amazed from one scene to the next.

Naturally as you would expect from Cirque Du Soleil, the band are remarkable, the singers world class who arguably drive the entire show.

This show is deliberately vulgar in places matched by a beauty and tenderness in-between.

This is not a typical ‘Cirque’ show! To be clear there is strong language & nudity throughout.

Zumanity Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas Review Brandon Pereyda Zumanity Las Vegas Review 5* Review Zumanity Las Vegas Best Erotic R18 Show

No-one understands the rhythm of a show like Cirque – they’re masters of timing, lighting, staging and narrative.

You’ll laugh, cry, be moved and may even need a wet wipe or two during this magical R18 production.

God bless Cirque for having the balls to make this the most erotic & sexy show on The Strip whilst including the most brilliant aerial acts I’ve seen ANYWHERE in the world!

Playing 7 and 9:30 p.m. Saturday – Tuesday at New York New York Las Vegas.


Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 28th May 2015.

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