4* Review Cher Las Vegas

Review Cher Las Vegas 2017…

Cher made her return to the Las Vegas Strip last night for the start of a limited run of shows at the Park Theatre, Monte Carlo.

CLASSIC CHER made her spectacular entrance from the rafters to electric applause from the devoted crowd.

“Is the applause for the show or the fact that I turned up and I’m still alive?” Cher quipped.

Almost bragging that she had been rehearsing until 3 am the night before, she confessed her heart felt good but her throat didn’t. Ouch!

Wise move, with virtually no Live vocals – this is not a show for purists of Live music, this is a camp night out in the presence of a show business legend and mega-star.

There is no denying she looks sensational, with impeccable costumes – all at the fabulous age of just 70.

She is still every inch a Star and 100% ‘classic Cher’ in this new Las Vegas show!


Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE audio / video review via YouTube:

Uniquely Cher bravely took questions from the audience during tonight’s performance….

Although this fell somewhat flat, as there were more asking for dinner dates and marriage proposals than interesting questions, I’ll be suprised if this segment isn’t quickly axed.

The dancers and acrobatics in the show were sensational and very Cirque du Soleil-esk, both in quality and familiar appeal.

However, there did seem a lack of rehearsal prior to opening night and not quite as tight and polished as you would hope for $200-$700 a ticket for the stalls!

Of course the costumes were colourful and reflected each song, and naturally Cher changed what felt like a million times in between most songs.

I last saw Cher at the Colosseum at Caesars – it’s basically the same show just re-camped & re-vamped.

Her incredible catalogue of hits was captured through the decades digging back to the hits of the 60’s including a tribute to Sonny with a video duet of ‘I’ve Got You Babe’ which Cher said she had rarely performed ‘Live’ on stage.

The disco numbers from the 70’s including ‘Dark Lady’ and were re-imagined in 2017 with great effect.

There’s also a wonderful tribute to Elvis and a video montage from her numerous movies.

The final section was dedicated to the massive hits of the 80’s & 90’s including ‘Turn Back Time’ , ‘I Found Someone’ and classic camp anthem ‘Believe’.

Naturally, these brought the house down.

What surprised me the most was Cher’s lack-luster approach during the performance. I got the feeling she didn’t really care if she was there or not!

However, the show delivers what it says on the tin – ‘Classic Cher’ – Camp, OTT & with endless vocal effects and little LIVE or sincere performance.

If you want an amazing vocalist, go and see Celine. If you’re after camp old nonsense from a legend – you’ll love Classic Cher!

Most of the hits are included in the 90 minute set.

So, is it worth the hefty ticket price? Maybe…or maybe not…it really depends if you are prepared to watch her mime through pretty much the whole performance .

If not there are plenty of other headliners on the strip that are more worthy of your dollar.

Review by Celebrity Radio 8th Feb 2017 at the Park Theater Las Vegas.