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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s 24 St Georges Restaurant Review Brighton….

24 St Georges in Brighton is one of the most exciting, fun, and impressive new restaurants I’ve had the pleasure to dine in for some years.

This restaurant oozes flair, creativity and passion. I could easily believe there was a Michelin starred chef expediting the food in this eatery.

Dean and Jamie not only own the establishment but run the kitchen superbly. I still cannot believe these two remarkable young chefs have not had formal training.

There are three main dining rooms, each distinctive and flowing into each other. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is warm, personal and exemplary. Again, for a relatively new restaurant to be so accomplished is staggering.

The location of 24 St Georges is in Kemp Town Village, about 20 minutes’ walking distance from the centre of Brighton’s Lanes. This delightful walk is well worth while.

I’m thrilled to say 24 St Georges is the best food I’ve tasted in Brighton by far!

24 St Georges Restaurant - Brighton

The meal started with a delightful amuse-bouche of pea soup, quail scotch egg and home baked olive bread. This was such a flavourful surprise and set the meal off in style.

Next came one of my favourite dishes ever. The foie gras was totally unique, utterly delicious and presented in a way I have never seen before anywhere in the world. It is described on the menu as “A chicken parfait & foie gras apple with ballotine of pigs head and mustard brioche” – this was a clever reference to the William Tell legend. You cannot miss this dish if you have the privilege to dine at 24 St Georges.

The final starter was a ‘Quail Picnic’ included a “drumstick & scotch egg”. Such incredibly delicate flavours and Michelin standard presentation as you can see below….

24 St Georges Restaurant - Brighton- Scallop

As a very special treat, I highly recommend you add a fish course of the scallops wrapped in pancetta with broccoli. This again was a unique, beautifully-designed triumph!

For the main you cannot seemingly go wrong with any of the 8 choices. This simple menu allows Chef to focus on quality, consistency, taste and presentation.

I personally adore pork cheek (as you can see in the second photo below) so I opted for the ‘Pork fillet’ with leek boudin, pine nuts, pearl barley risotto, wild mushrooms and & pork jus. Divine. Perfectly cooked. Best pork dish I’ve ever tasted.

You cannot visit the seaside without tasting the local catch, therefore, I recommend the Brill with herb gnocchi, provincial vegetables & herb puree. St Gorgeous.

What a splendid meal. And it’s not over yet….

I always judge a great meal by the bread to begin (top marks), and the desserts to finish – 10 out of 10!

The ‘Chocolate Orange’ was served with delice & sorbet with caramelised orange, passion fruit jelly & honeycomb.

You may also love the Banoffee with banana liqueur jelly & caramel bavarois, caramelised banana & Chantilly ice cream.

I cannot recommend 24 St Georges highly enough. This restaurant would do very well in any capital city and Brighton should be honoured to be its home.

Make the short seaside journey just outside of Brighton City Centre and minutes from the Brighton Pier to visit Dean & Jamie at this incredible restaurant. It has BIG things ahead, trust me!

Bravo – 5* for food, service, originality and flavour.

Review 25/4/2013

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