2Rare Net Worth


2Rare Net Worth

2Rare is an American Rapper who has a net worth of $2 Million in 2023. His main source of income comes from his music career which began in 2018 when he released “Switch Sides’” made available in Soundcloud. 2Rare then went on to release various hit tracks like “Big Bag,” “No Brotherly Love,” “Big Drippa,” and more. In 2022, 2Rare released “Cupid” which became a massive hit and immediately went viral on TikTok with 21,000,000 streams. In 2022, 2Rare signed with Mal Cater record label called “Second Estate” which is in partnership with Warner Records. In this article, we will be taking a look at 2Rare net worth, source of Income, music career, and more.

2Rare Net Worth 

2Rare Net Worth 2023$2 Million 
2Rare Net Worth 2022$1.5 Million 
2Rare Net Worth 2021$800,000 
2Rare Net Worth 2020$500,000

2Rare’s main source of income comes from his music career. 2Rare has released a number of hit rap songs which have majorly contributed to his $2 Million net worth. He makes his income through music sales, YouTube, Soundcloud, his website, and his deal with Second Estate which landed 2Rare with more than $1 Million.

2Rare earns more than $350,000 annually by selling music and his YouTube account. In 2022, he signed a deal with the record label Second Estate for $800K which plays a primary role in his net worth. Apart from this 2Rare also earns from $41K to $54K through his sponsorships and brand deals. In addition, 2Rare is also seen performing his songs at different venues which also helps the rapper make a decent amount.  

2rare Quick Facts 

Date of Birth 12 August 2000
Age 22
Place of Birth  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Nationality American 
Profession Rapper and Songwriter 
Spouse Unmarried 
Siblings Not Known 
Kids None 

2Rare Biography

2Rare (birth name: Naseem Rafeeq Young) was born on 12 August 2000 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a kid, 2Rare wanted to become a football player and was often caught missing classes to play football which resulted in 2Rare having poor attendance. Later on, he discovered that his prolonged absence has restricted him from continuing his classes which led him to stop his dream of becoming a footballer. 

During this period, 2Rare found him listening to rap music and started connecting with it. This gave rise to his passion for making his own music and becoming a rapper. In 2018, he started his music career when he released a song called “Switch Sides” which was made available on Soundcloud. In 2019, he released “Big Bag” and “No Brotherly Love.” 2Rare’s song “Big Bag” helped the rapper gain his first recognition in the music industry as the song went viral and got around a million views on YouTube. Big Bag helped 2Rare land his first joint venture with record label 10K Projects, Internet Money Records, and Homemade Projects. In 2020, he released a song called “Big Drippa” which also went on to become a hit with 1.3 Million views on YouTube and reached number 15 on Soundcloud’s Top 50 Charts. In 2022, 2Rare received massive fame when he released his single “Cupid” which immediately went viral on social media platform TikTok with 21,000,000 streams. 

He made an appearance in popular rapper Drake’s music video for “Sticky” and was seen having a dance battle. In August 2022, he released a song called “Q-Pid Remix” alongside rapper Lil Durk which also became a hit and gained 13 Million views on YouTube. This helped 2Rare become a name in the music industry, landing brand deals and sponsorships, and shout-outs from some of the top athletes such as Barry Bonds. 

In October 2022, 2Rare was approached by Music executive Mel Carter who signed 2Rare as the first rapper on his record label called “Second Estate” which is in partnership with Warner Records.

According to The Source, Mel Carter signed 2Rare during his launch party for a $800,000 deal in Cash with a Second Estate label and gave an additional $250K along with a Louis Vuitton bag to 2Rare landing him with over $1 Million in a single night. 

2Rare News

2Rare is one of the rising rappers in the music industry with hit tracks like “Big Bag,” “Big Drippa,” “Cupid, “ and much more. Today, 2Rare is also one of the hottest stars in the industry that other artists should watch out for. Recently, 2Rare made it to the list of XXL Freshman Class 2023 to which the rapper replied saying when I was informed by my label that was added to the list, I was like “You feel me?” 2Rare also claimed how he began thinking about the things he had been doing upon his name being added to the XXL Freshman list and how he needed to be calm and ensure he is not doing anything wild so he could attend the day without any trouble. He stated he is looking forward to the day and doesn’t want to miss the opportunity at any cost. “I have just been happy for real because it has been one of the real moments which I have been looking forward to and now to be a part of it is like Damn”. 

He further stated, being added to the list feels like you are a hot artist, this helps you gain an extra stamp when XXL cosigns you making it somewhat official. I felt like everyone around me has dropped projects while I’m still taking off in the industry so it’s a big deal to me. 2Rare also stated how he wants to have a viral moment and wants to make history for himself each time. 


What is 2Rare’s real name?

2Rare’s real name is Naseem Rafeeq Young, he changed his name 2Rare after entering the music industry.  

2Rare daughter

2Rare does not have a daughter, the American rapper is currently single and has no kids.

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