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Adam Lambert Opens Up About His Weight Loss Journey: ”Oh, a hundred times better”

Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and actor, has navigated a public journey of weight loss, inspiring many with his resilience and determination.

Like many during the Covid-19 pandemic, Lambert found himself facing weight gain, humorously dubbing it “The Quarantine 19.” Despite this, he confidently embraced his appearance, even baring his chest in a music video.

Facing past struggles with poor eating habits and low self-esteem, Lambert embarked on a transformative journey with personal trainer Seth Gottesdiener. Through rigorous workouts and a plant-based diet, he shed excess weight, reclaiming his confidence and vitality.

Adam Lambert Weight Loss: How He Shed 40 Pounds?

In a conversation with OKmagazine, Adam Lambert disclosed his weight loss journey, recounting that he shed around forty pounds about a decade ago. Reflecting on his high school days, Lambert admitted to poor eating habits, indulging in unhealthy snacks and fast food. However, as he matured, he became more discerning about nutrition, exercising self-control to make healthier choices.

During his high school years, Lambert struggled with his weight, tipping the scales at over 250 pounds and enduring low self-esteem as a result. Yet, as his fame grew on American Idol, he found the inspiration to reclaim his confidence, embarking on a weight loss journey. Lambert’s openness about his transformation and the methods he employed, such as early morning gym sessions and guidance from a personal trainer named Seth Gottesdiener, is commendable.

Together, they implemented a rigorous workout regimen, blending aerobic exercises with slower, comprehensive routines like burpees and mountain climbing. Alongside exercise, Lambert adopted a plant-based diet, following the advice of his mentor. Since shedding the weight, Lambert has exuded confidence and vitality, proudly displaying his transformed physique.

How Did Adam Lambert Gain Weight?

In recent years, Adam Lambert has been the subject of much speculation surrounding his weight. How and why did he put on weight? The renowned musician has grappled with this issue for some time now. Today, we aim to address all inquiries regarding Adam Lambert’s weight gain.

It all started during the Covid-19 pandemic when, like many others, the rock star found himself lounging in elastic-waisted sweatpants. Despite the weight gain, Adam notably appeared in a suit sans shirt for the music video “Ordinary World,” a rendition of Duran Duran’s hit.

In January 2021, during an appearance on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, he quipped about being comfortable being filmed from the chest up, humorously attributing it to what he called “The Quarantine 19.”

Fans initially took note of Adam’s changing physique in 2020 when he was photographed on a Mexican beach. The images quickly circulated online, with some fans playfully commenting that the weight gain and facial hair suited him.

While some fans offered words of encouragement, acknowledging the natural challenges of maintaining weight as one ages, others emphasized that Lambert’s beauty transcends physical appearance.

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What is Adam Lambert Weight loss Diet and Workout Plan?

In a recent interview, Adam’s personal fitness trainer, Seth Gottesdiener, delved into his workout regimen, highlighting the significance of cardio. Gottesdiener emphasized their approach of initiating each session with an intensive cardio segment to elevate Adam’s heart rate and sustain it throughout the workout.

Their routine includes various drills such as burpees, mountain climbers, and speed rope exercises, prioritizing consistency and avoiding repetition. Adam particularly enjoys focusing on his abs during workouts.

Reflecting on Adam’s journey, it’s noted that he was once bulkier at the onset of his career, and despite experiencing weight gain during the Covid-19 pandemic, he’s now dedicated to reclaiming his former physique.

What Did Adam Lambert Say?

In the video, Adam sings about getting older and learning from his mistakes. He talks about trying to be happy and stay calm while appreciating good moments.

In one part, we see Adam imagining himself in the future. Even when he’s older, he still dresses cool and wears lots of jewelry.

People often feel better or worse mentally depending on their weight. A famous singer talked about this in a 2022 interview. He said that anxiety is a big problem, especially nowadays after everything that’s happened in the last year and a half.

This was the first time the singer opened up about his own mental health, specifically about dealing with anxiety. He wants people to know that struggling with mental health is normal and they shouldn’t feel weird about it.

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Is Adam Lambert trying to lose weight? 

Yes, Adam Lambert has successfully lost 40lbs. He attributed his weight loss to a combination of self-control and working with celebrity personal trainer Seth Gottesdiener. Lambert incorporated a “cardio kick” at the beginning of each workout session to boost results.

Does Adam Lambert have an illness? 

Adam Lambert recently shared insights into his mental health journey during a public appearance, revealing his battles with anxiety and panic attacks.

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