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Adele Weight Loss Journey:How the Singer Lost 100 Pounds?

Adele is an English singer-songwriter.The British singer, surprised everyone by shedding 100 Pounds during the pandemic. How did she accomplish this remarkable transformation? Join us as we explore Adele’s inspiring story of losing around 100 pounds and uncover the unique path that turned her into a fitness icon. 

Adele Weight Loss Diet: Is She Following Any Diet To Lose Her Weight?

Losing extra weight around your waistline demands commitment, resolve, and effort. The singer attributes her improved physique to her exercise regimen. It wasn’t just about appearance; she shared with British Vogue that working out played a crucial role in managing her anxiety.

Moreover, Adele asserts that she didn’t adhere to any particular diet or intermittent fasting to shed pounds. Instead, she made a conscious effort to include nutritious foods in her daily meals, such as fresh fruits, salads, and probiotics. In summary, Adele’s weight loss was primarily a result of her consistent fitness routine and engaging in two to three intense workout sessions each day during the initial stages of the Covid quarantine.

What Is Adele Weight Loss Diet Plan?

In 2019, Adele’s remarkable weight loss sparked speculation about her method. Despite denying a specific diet, rumors circulated about the ‘sirtfood diet.’ This diet involves cutting processed, sugary, and starchy foods.

Adele, not a fan of intermittent fasting, prioritizes breakfast, preferring tea over coffee. Her morning routine includes soy yogurt with berries, walnuts, and dark chocolate, or a green smoothie on busy days.

For lunch, she incorporates vigorous daily exercise, focusing on a nutritious sirtfood-approved meal. This may include a parsley salad with kale, green apple, walnuts, and celery, topped with olive oil and lemon juice. Another option could be a buckwheat dish with strawberries, dates, tomatoes, and parsley, seasoned with lemon juice and virgin olive oil.

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What Is Adele Weight Loss Workout Routine?

The songwriter shared her journey of transformation, noting that she used to cry but now embraces sweating. Adele’s weight loss and fitness journey, guided by coaches, not only improved her physical strength but also boosted her mental well-being.

During lockdown, Adele committed to a strict exercise routine, working out three times a day. In the morning, she focused on weight training, opting for hikes or boxing in the afternoon, and evenings were dedicated to cardio. Adele gradually increased her deadlifting weight from 10 to 170 pounds.

Visible changes in Adele’s before-and-after photos reflect her dedicated weight loss efforts. Despite enjoying her daily gym sessions, like everyone else, she occasionally lacks enthusiasm. Although she appreciates weight training, she dislikes watching herself in the gym mirrors.

Adele, hailing from North London, acknowledged that heavy lifting can impact her complexion, sharing an incident where burst blood vessels on her face prompted extra caution during weightlifting sessions.

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How much weight has Adele shed? 

Adele managed to lose approximately seven stones (equivalent to 44 kilograms) through mindful eating and regular exercise.

How many calories does Adele consume daily? 

Adele reportedly kept her daily calorie intake below 1200 calories.

Did Adele opt for weight loss surgery? 

No, Adele did not undergo any surgical procedures to lose weight. Instead, she engaged in three daily workout sessions and controlled her calorie intake.

Is Adele a vegan? 

No, Adele is not a vegan. In fact, she enjoys indulging in chicken nuggets on her cheat meal days.

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